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Synonyms for rusticity

the quality of being rustic or gauche

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Taking advantage of the rusticity of the Gir breed and from the dairy production of the Dutch breed, Girolando cows are currently the main source of milk production in Brazil with approximately 80% of dairy cattle in the country.
This tropical legume has been used for revegetation of riparian forests, soil erosion control, and the rehabilitation of degraded areas (Pott and Pott, 1994) due to its rusticity and capacity for establishing symbiosis with rhizobia (Braggio et al., 2002; Araujo et al., 2004).
These speeches neatly set forth a dichotomy, French sophistication versus English rusticity, used by all other characters in the play to ridicule the former.
Firing the unglazed work in the Anagama also gives the piece its characteristic rusticity.
Despite the bucolilc setting, Jensen & Skodvin forsakes folksy rusticity in favour of a more minimal, Miesian aesthetic.
THOSE who like their stories leavened with a dash of heartwarming rusticity can revel in the fact that the Budapest Bullet - you read it here first - cost pounds 2,000 at the sales, bought only because his owner "put his hand up for fun" while waiting for the real bids to begin.
Home-made Alnwick Rum Christmas Pudding, (pictured on cover) pounds 5.45 for 225g; pounds 8.50 for 450g and pounds 14.50 for 1kg, The Proof of the Pudding, Heckley High House, Alnwick, available from farm shops or call (01665) 602505, This pudding made with dried fruits soaked in Alnwick rum and combined with apples, oranges, lemons and carrots, impressed the panel with its rusticity, its home-made quality and its intense dark fruitiness.
In Burgundy in 1395, Philippe le Hardi Duc de Bourgogne, a man of great sensibilities, was so repulsed by the coarseness and rusticity of wines made from the Gamay grape that he instructed his subjects to uproot the variety.
She refers to "contrived rusticity" (207), but hasn't shown that it is contrived.
Portions of meat, fish, and ale increased; roasting and frying made inroads on the traditional cooking technique of boiling; tableware and service moved beyond the rusticity of the past.
"When we set out to create the Napa Valley Grilles," Hazem Ouf, president and CEO of Constellation Concepts, Inc., explains "we wanted the food, wine, decor, menu -- the whole experience -- to be as close as possible to visiting the Napa Valley: very good, very fresh food in a setting of refined rusticity, the hospitable elegance of Wine Country, but all done with contemporary California flair."
David Raphel's interior of a village shebeen on the windy coast of county Mayo is the soul of rusticity with its rough stone walls, fire-blackened beams and furniture hauled out of the barn--the perfect setting for spinning a folk tale.