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  • verb

Synonyms for rusticate

live in the country and lead a rustic life

send to the country

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suspend temporarily from college or university, in England


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give (stone) a rustic look

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lend a rustic character to

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In between, there were rusticators of all sorts, back-to-the-landers as well young people who "just wanted to share some land"--four such simply called their place "The Mune.
Approximately 14 homes are featured, each displaying the characteristics of one of the following categories: hallmarks of the country home, the farmhouse, grand country, cozy cottage, rusticators, clean and simple (Shaker and Swedish homes) and urban arcadia.
There are few covered bridges and fewer rusticators in J.
They returned to New York, Boston, and Philadelphia with seductive paintings of sublime nature that helped attract more settlers, then wealthy rusticators, and then more artists.