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the condition naturally attaching to life in the country

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the construction of masonry or brickwork in a rustic manner

the action of retiring to and living in the country

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banishment into the country

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The committee, headed by BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu, notes that rustication and other disciplinary acts by educational institutions " will not be enough to obliterate the menace" of ragging.
The school administration said non-payment of monthly fees led to her rustication.
The stone rustication of the brick facades creates an abstract relief that catches the light and marks the block off from its conventional neighbours, and the column centred on the recessed bay of windows lighting the three upper stories is the architect's signature.
A three-story base of rusticated limestone--an urbane street presence drawing on the formal vocabulary of the Italian Renaissance--yields to an eleven-story shaft of dark brick patterned in emulation of rustication but otherwise unembellished.
Small in scale but occupying a prime corner site in the middle of Alberti territory, the sobriety of the facade (intonaco with stone window surrounds and corner bugnati instead of the showy stone rustication made popular by the Medici) signals, as Preyer suggests, a desire to avoid the hostility of neighbors.
A FRESHER'S ragging complaint on August 19, 2009, resulted in the rustication of nine students and expulsion of another 10 from the hostel by the administration of Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU).
After detailed deliberations, the meeting decided that the punishments of those students of first year whose admissions were cancelled should be converted into one year rustication after completion of the rustication period they would be allowed to study with the batch of 2010-11 students.
The rustication period would be effective from July 17," Rathore added.
The realised buildings there are characterised by Doric severity and massive blocks of rustication, but for his ideal community Ledoux developed an architecture parlante in which the buildings' novel and powerful forms expressed their functions symbolically.
Covering all three main stories of the building on all sides, this novel program of rustication -- later to be the model for the great private palaces of the quattrocento -- has been the subject of some debate as to its sources and meaning.
Robinson seems to "see" more of the Romantic protoexpressionist in Richardson and accordingly celebrates the rough-cut crusty bosses of Richardson's wickedly dramatic rustication.
This is expressed externally by the suggestion of a deep two-story base, the granite-like colour and recessed joints hinting at rustication, with the jutting upper storey finished to look like pale stone and reading (if one half-closes one's eyes) as massive coping.
According to them, Mallya's wife would often threaten them with rustication.
It is, in fact, a baroque palace and, as such, unique in England, for it was rebuilt by the Duke of Newcastle in the 1670s and the walls are encrusted with heavy rustication and Mannerist aedicules.