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having the brown color of rust

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According to the administrator, bouts of rust-colored water after the town did its flushing program in the spring were expected.
BEIRUT: He sprinkled water on the garlands of white flowers that adorned the rust-colored earth now covering the remains of his son.
Rust-colored water was detected in various fuel system components from both engines.
Countertops that are cut from this stylish material usually contain rust-colored, and dramatic white veining that brings out the natural allure of a classically-styled kitchen environment.
Travel+Leisure's photo of the Ferry Street Bridge bridge shows its green steel trusses and rust-colored railings spanning a placid Willamette River in summertime.
The missing panda is less than a year old, and has thick rust-colored fur, white rings on his tail, and whiskers.
It glows among cactus, yuccas, and the rust-colored seed heads of a fernbush at the Gardens at Kendrick Lake in Lakewood, Colorado (720/963-5240).
The rust-colored building is located on a sprawling 31-acre landscaped campus, complete with a vegetable farm and other outdoor amenities.
The exhibition also included a group of smaller works, of which, besides a wonderfully honey-colored resin cast of a beehive, the most notable was Half Dozen, 2010, a group of beer or soda cans cast in plaster mixed with iron oxide, which gives them a rust-colored patina.
About 25 years ago, a friend of mine presented me with a small, rust-colored, cork-plugged clay vessel filled with a reddish-brown iron oxide called Indian Earth.
The beautiful bound volume has a rust-colored, iron-like cover a tiny red ribbon bookmark, and countless shaded pages of beautiful illustrations, diagrams and details.
The tiny rust-colored pest was identified by the U.
The balls were rust-colored and ranged in size from a button to a table tennis ball.
Blotches of rust-colored oil floated next to a breaker wall at a ferry terminal while the nearby National Sailing Center, which usually gives daily classes to hundreds of school students, shut its doors.
Tom's faux finish recipe is simple: a rust-colored coat of primer followed by several coats of Minwax PolyShades, a product that combines polyurethane with wood stain.