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a reddish brown homespun fabric

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of brown with a reddish tinge

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A universal shriek arose as the russet boots waved wildly from the wreck and a golden head emerged, exclaiming, "I told you so
The road in front of us grew bleaker and wilder over huge russet and olive slopes, sprinkled with giant boulders.
Beebe, having expected better things from a clergyman whose head was bald and who wore a pair of russet whiskers.
And if Newland's afternoon is provided for perhaps May can drive you out with the ponies, and try their new russet harness.
And then shall I run down the cellar and get some russets, Matthew?
Well now, I dunno but what I would," said Matthew, who never ate russets but knew Anne's weakness for them.
Just as Anne emerged triumphantly from the cellar with her plateful of russets came the sound of flying footsteps on the icy board walk outside and the next moment the kitchen door was flung open and in rushed Diana Barry, white faced and breathless, with a shawl wrapped hastily around her head.
They look good, too -- tawny as russets but with a dusky red cheek.
Russet House, in Nottage, is a contemporary detached house currently on the market for PS795,000.
You'll want to buy russet or Yukon gold potatoes, because they're the starchiest and most buttery varieties, (http://www.
is pleased to announce results from drilling at the Russet South target located at the Companys 100% owned Madsen Gold Project.
If you're a fan of decorative grasses, take a visit to Knoll Gardens in Dorset and admire them in their autumnal beauty as the thousands of varieties flower and take on golden, russet and orange hues.
The gardens are renowned for their naturalistic planting and it looks its best this time the year as the thousands of varieties flower and take on golden, russet and orange hues.
Arizona potatoes will be available in Idaho Falls to load with russet orders approximately one week after production starts.
The researchers found that it is fairly achievable to identify potato breeds that produce less acrylamide, especially when compared with the industry standard potato breeds, Ranger Russet and Russet Burbank.