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a rural characteristic or trait


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Analysis of the relationships of the concepts may define if smoking is a coping mechanism for the rural pregnant population as well as what role rurality and pregnancy play in the experience of depression.
Participants talked about both positive and negative aspects of rural living and the influence that rurality had on their food insecurity.
Next, I develop this combination of the material and the ephemeral but turn to Stanton as a space of modern music and social behaviors that signify rurality, urbanity, the Midwest, and other regions.
Of these, 60,466 PTBs had birthdates, residences in Alabama ZIP codes, and available meteorological and rurality data.
It will target priority areas within North Northumberland which suffer deprivation and issues associated with rurality, including Berwick, Wooler, Rothbury, Belford, Seahouses and Alnwick.
With New Mexico's complex state attributes such as rurality, poverty, high-uninsured population, and growing elderly population, new methods for assessing needs affecting health care supply and demand are in demand.
Among these reasons were rurality, postCivil War poverty, severely limited resources for social services, northern philanthropy for southern disease eradication, race and class issues, the construction of gender, white upper- and middleclass attitudes toward blacks and "poor whites" as inferior and unworthy, a high value placed on home care for the sick by family, friends or servants, a reluctance for institution building, especially for poor and blacks; and states' rights political philosophies that opposed Federal government intrusion.
Using a nationally representative data set, the authors investigated whether rurality relates to the availability of STW programs and rural youth's program use.
We commence with an article from Sue Wilson (Australian Catholic University) who very nicely juxtaposes issues of rurality with success or otherwise in mathematics and the impact for teacher education students who experience maths anxiety.
However, towards the end of the last decade because of the efforts of some feminist authors the issue of class in rurality discourse has resurfaced.
Broadly, coverage encompasses Latin America in world geopolitics and international relations; the nation-state, politics, citizenship, and governance; rurality, economic, and models of development.
Although this blend of rurality, romance, and religiosity did not prove its appeal to a wide swath of readers until the 1997 publication of The Shunning, these three characteristics had formed the backbone of the genre for decades.
Kirsty Lowrie, from the Three Villages Youth Project, said: "Due to the rurality of the area, many of the young people have limited access to local music facilities, so we are bringing the music industry to them.
Lord Elysten-Morgan, the former Cardigan MP, told the crowd: "We have a health board obsessed with the idea of amalgamating into large units, a policy utterly appropriate for urban areas but totally irrelevant and destructive in the rurality of area we experience.
The lack of research in rural populations is notable, since approximately 20% of residents of the United States live in rural areas ("Measuring rurality," 2010).