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a rural characteristic or trait


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rate when controlling for rurality of the collision and in-state residence (RR=10.
In further reinforcing the rurality of urban areas in Nigeria, Osinubi (2003) identifies the nature of urban poverty in Agege, a suburb of Lagos, where the social economic condition of the area makes it difficult for pupils to access quality basic education as parents are unable to afford costs.
Analysis of the relationships of the concepts may define if smoking is a coping mechanism for the rural pregnant population as well as what role rurality and pregnancy play in the experience of depression.
Of these, 60,466 PTBs had birthdates, residences in Alabama ZIP codes, and available meteorological and rurality data.
The main response to this process is the emergence of a localized agriculture and rurality that entails the rise of a vast number of varied types of production, valorization and market innovations.
Using a nationally representative data set, the authors investigated whether rurality relates to the availability of STW programs and rural youth's program use.
However, towards the end of the last decade because of the efforts of some feminist authors the issue of class in rurality discourse has resurfaced.
The final section on theorizing rurality and gender proposes a research agenda for the future.
There are different expressions of rurality within this group that can be characterized by socioeconomic inclusion, by productive activities, or by identification with farmland as a social category and an identity space.
Kirsty Lowrie, from the Three Villages Youth Project, said: "Due to the rurality of the area, many of the young people have limited access to local music facilities, so we are bringing the music industry to them.
Lord Elysten-Morgan, the former Cardigan MP, told the crowd: "We have a health board obsessed with the idea of amalgamating into large units, a policy utterly appropriate for urban areas but totally irrelevant and destructive in the rurality of area we experience.
As a related matter, we assert that courts sometimes use rurality as a proxy for poverty to justify child removal and termination of parental rights when law forbids such actions based on poverty alone.
ACCLAIM is doing ground-breaking work in the United States simply by asking a number of key questions about the relationship between math education and rurality that concern what difference place might make in math education.
The Shepherds' was also a modern-dress production, and it too reinscribed sixteenth-century Chester rurality as the working-class of the current southern US, but the effect on the audience was entirely different.