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Synonyms for rural

Synonyms for rural

of or relating to the countryside

Antonyms for rural

living in or characteristic of farming or country life


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Heitkamp and Roberts bill would help provide rural communities with the resources they need to strengthen the rural health delivery system and improve access to quality care for citizens in these areas.
The two highest ranked recruitment factors among rural NB nurses were also the highest ranked retention factors, namely location of the community and family or friends.
The rural bank's latest records also showed that as of June 30, it had 1,315 accounts with total deposit liabilities of P28.
Much like you don't take children to adult doctors, the same is true when trying to take a health intervention that worked in Miami or Los Angeles to a small town--it doesn't work," said APHA member Gail Bellamy, PhD, co-editor of Rural Healthy People 2020 and director of the Florida Blue Center for Rural Health Research and Policy at Florida State University.
The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between Ghanaian student midwife place of origin and rural training on their reported willingness to choose a rural practice location following graduation.
The Government's role is to ensure that rural areas have all the infrastructure they need to grow.
In an effort to stay ahead of this trend, Rural Development is investigating other sources for "celluosic" energy.
Nearly 16% of family physicians and slightly more than 2% of specialists work in rural areas.
The second half of the book, which is organized around case studies that demonstrate the numerous ways modernization transformed the rural upcountry South as well as the ways that men and women responded, is perhaps the most original and innovative part of the work.
When it comes to rural schools, a larger proportion of them tend to be small because they are usually situated in low-populated areas, according to Alison Yaunches, spokeswoman for Rural School and Community Trust.
He brought this aesthetic to the Rural Studio, whose focus on activism has never overshadowed its emphasis on innovative design.
But then they would need labor help, and workers are hard to come by because jobs in the cities and metro areas pay more on average than jobs in rural areas.
In Littlerock and Lake Los Angeles, where Antelope Valley Hospital and Los Angeles County operate clinics, the rural designation will provide higher levels of reimbursement for the treatment of Medicare and Medi-Cal patients.
1] exposure among urban and rural populations in KwaZulu Natal province.