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composed of or inscribed on rock


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These rupicolous environments, where crystalline rock outcrops rise above the Depressao Sertaneja lowlands represent the inselberg environment.
Succulents, cacti, afilos, saxicolous and rupicolous and epiphytic plants vegetation are common.
Members of the tristichus exerge tend to have distinct, dark dorsal crossbars or spots in both sexes, are scansorially rupicolous, are heavily pigmented ventrally in both sexes, and are relatively large.
Leon: Sobrado, Cancela, strait of Covas (canyon of River Sil), 29TPH7807, rupicolous community (Saxifragion trifurcato-canaliculatae) in dolomitic limestone, 445-465 m asl, 29-IV-2014, F.
Plant epiphytic or rupicolous, propagating by short basal shoots.
Representatives of the Bromeliaceae family may be found under different conditions of altitude, temperature and humidity (REITZ, 1983), and can be terrestrial, epiphytic or rupicolous (SMITH; DOWNS, 1974).
This new species was found growing as a rupicolous in vertical sandstones rocks, along rivers, in the "Campos Rupestres" of Caete-Acu, Palmeiras, in more or less shaded places.