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Synonyms for runty

(used especially of persons) of inferior size


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The runty dinosaur and the pintsized Neanderthal have good reason to distrust each other at first, and it's a measure of how adroitly the film has manipulated our sense of identification that we wouldn't mind, at least at first, if Arlo just finished off the filthy, feral little troublemaker.
Earl Sweatshirt, the runty kid with the outsized brain, looked like an underdog but felt like a sure thing.
A runty, sallow guy, a curlicue of black hair bobbing against his forehead.
In lieu of a bridge there is a concrete ford across the Cimarron, with runty sunflowers growing out of its cracks.
Indian cows are pretty runty and weigh about 600 kilogrammes each.
Discard defective seeds, inferior crops, runty stock, and shabby handiwork.
A runty, wheezing, written-off horse named Seabiscuit was number one.
99) GENERATIONS of children have been delighted by the story of the spider Charlotte and her efforts to save runty piglet Wilbur from slaughter.
I smiled and patted one of the runty ones on the head.
HE SPENT two decades working with animals on farms, but it was a runty little pig that would change Dick King-Smith's life forever.
LA LLORONA: any age CESAR CHAVEZ: dignified bearing, in his sixties EHECATL: costumed and masked, any age MARIA ISABEL: chubby, in her seventies EL TANQUE: an obese, huge teen EL PEEWA: a runty, skinny teen
The fruit and vegetables you'll find in Queensgate Market - or your local grocers - are likely to be tastier, bigger and cheaper than the runty, plastic-wrapped examples you'll find in some of our supermarkets.
Nobody could imagine that a mother and father would bring a runty eight-year-old waif to enroll in a shooting event.
As a body-builder he eats chicken, salmon and protein shakes, but as a peaceful, runty baby he liked to eat plants.