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the occurrence of surplus liquid (as water) exceeding the limit or capacity

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a final election to resolve an earlier election that did not produce a winner

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The researchers discovered that changes in storm runoff extremes in most regions of the world are in line with or higher than those of precipitation extremes.
* In the Sixth Circuit, Group 4, Dave Ellis with 43.2 percent and Roxanne Fixsen with 31.5 percent are in the runoff. Dustin Anderson, with 25.3 percent, was eliminated.
The runoff date was shared in court by lawyers for the Texas GOP, Gallego and the secretary of state.
Key words: Surface runoff; erosion; watershed; land use; agroforestry.
Under such circumstances, it is of great importance that the urban surface runoff will be greatly increased, which will cause floods, ecological deterioration of river system, and increased water pollution.
Thakuriah and Saikia [25] successfully demonstrated methodology for runoff estimation by integrating remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) in Buriganga watershed of Assam.
The UP backed LP's case that halted the 7 November runoff elections, but the NEC and the Supreme Court refused to grant LP's request for a rerun of the entire polls, though the Court acknowledged irregularities occurred to some extent in the October polls challenged by the two parties.
The effect of PAM on runoff and soil erosion has been studied but the majority of these studies were performed under laboratory conditions.
The objective of this paper is therefore to investigate the influence of cascade hydropower exploitation on runoff and sediment transport.
Runoff of Melaka Tengah catchment is influenced by practicing ten land use patterns and their land management criteria.
About 20% of the rain on conventionally tilled fields was lost in surface runoff, compared with only 12% from the strip-tilled fields.
The debate on runoff elections has resurfaced in the Congress in the context of proposals for further electoral reforms in Mexico.
For a better water management in the watershed, the relationship between rainfall and runoff should be established.
At the land surface, higher soil moisture levels generally lead to both increased evaporation for a given amount of incoming radiation (increased "evaporation efficiency") and increased runoff for a given amount of precipitation (increased "runoff efficiency").