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Synonyms for risk

stand a chance of




Synonyms for risk

a possibility of danger or harm

exposure to possible harm, loss, or injury

a venture depending on chance

to expose to possible loss or damage

to subject to danger or destruction

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to run the risk of

Synonyms for risk

a venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury

the probability of becoming infected given that exposure to an infectious agent has occurred

the probability of being exposed to an infectious agent

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MILLIONS of drivers are running risks with their car maintenance by trying to cut their overall motoring costs in the face of rising road tax and fuel costs, it's claimed.
Those yellow cards will be carried into the next phase so we're running risks.
Often idiotically running risks to discover those truths, Alice finally stumbles across the reality cowboy Duval and the kindly caretaker Benjamin had tried to conceal from her and finds out that she is not in fact in a land of the free but in a no-man's land brimming with danger.
The failure to elect an AM from the black and ethnic community for the second election running risks alienating a new generation of voters and proves parties have not taken the issue seriously, they claim.
When these are the pertinent questions, we stop thinking about running risks and start worrying about how to avoid them.