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(American football) a play in which a player attempts to carry the ball through or past the opposing team

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It should be business as usual for Brady, who has the benefit of a strong running game with Sony Michel and an offensive line that helped the Patriots improve to an average of 127.3 rushing yards in 2018 compared to 118.1 rushing yards in 2017.
In Europe, where driven hunts are still popular, a high percentage of game is killed on the move, and watching a skilled Swedish moose hunter or Romanian driven-boar shooter deliver a perfect shot makes it clear that, while shooting running game may not be ideal for most shooters under most circumstances, learning to effectively and efficiently shoot running game with a rifle is possible.
Lubick said true freshman quarterback Justin Herbert can also help the running game against the Bears, who allowed Oregon State quarterback Darell Garretson to run for 105 yards and two touchdowns in a 47-44 win over Cal on Oct.
Lucha Dash is an endless running game which features a Luchador escaping a group of raging stampeding bulls.
"Well, we always want to be productive in the running game, and it depends on the situation in terms of how you measure that production,'' McDaniels said.
The mechanics of the game are simple and intuitive where users swipe and tilt the device to make the character on screen avoid obstacles and keep running in this endless running game. Gamers can also target the high score on the leaderboard to show soff their gaming skills in front of their friends.
"Last season my main strength was my running game, that hasn't really come into effect yet.
Lonoke struggled to execute, especially at the skill positions and in the running game. Meanwhile, the defense was inconsistent in the late stages of several games.
An excellent running game by both sides produced a final result of Canton 32-28.
At the end of a campaign the majority of which could only be described as a slug-fest high on industry and application but low on intensity and raw attacking excitement, new Falcons head coach Tait has vowed to bring a real running game back to Kingston Park.
Some teams can do it successfully but we as a staff feel better about our chances with a multiple attack running game.
``We had no chance of getting our running game going, '' said Anselmians secretary Trevor Petterson.
However, with a profusion of abstract ideas at play, many of the films shown at Images truly tested the limits of the average person's attention span, and many of the feature-length ones would have benefited from a shorter running game. Harun Farocki's War at a Distance was one such film.
This is called "the running game." Today, fans expect big plays with each and every possession.
The Jets, playing at home for the first time since the terrorist attacks on New York, staged a moving tribute to the rescue workers at the World Trade Centre 10 miles from the stadium they share with the Giants but then had no answer to the 49ers' surprise running game.