running away

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the act of leaving (without permission) the place you are expected to be

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I know running away is probably the worst option anyone could choose in situations that call for clarity and resolution.
The project also supports Scotland's National Missing Persons Framework, which aims to improve the way agencies and organisations work together to support vulnerable people and help prevent individuals from running away.
Running away was always the right decision for huntergatherers.
The court heard that, at about 7pm on Wednesday, April 18, Watts grabbed an 18-year-old woman from behind on Neston Drive, Newton, Chester, and thrust his groin into her before running away.
A Texas Tribune investigation into the state's handling of child sex-trafficking victims last year found that police will often charge underage victims with a crime in order to send them to juvenile detention -- or to jail if they're 17 or older -- in part to prevent them from running away. Police described the conundrum they faced: They knew the underage victim did not belong behind bars, but they also knew it was very easy for a child to run away from the foster care system and be exploited once again.
At first she thought they running away from the horses, but she then heard a loud bang and saw smoke rising.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today poked fun at the incumbent for the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat Nurul Izzah Anwar for abandoning her seat and 'running away' to a safer constituency in Permatang Pauh in the 14th general election (GE14).
The charges include running away from an accident site and posing a threat to safety of other drivers.
WHY did I keep on running Always running away What was I trying to find Why did I pick my old battered suitcase And run out of another door Leaving only anger behind Locked doors and pain Walking through the cold black night And pouring rain I run away - far away Just me and my old battered suitcase Full of old memories Black and white photos from 1968 Taken in a house in Essex That I used to hate Snapshots of my parents Pretending to have fun But I'm looking down the barrel of a gun Old decayed faces trying to smile Sad memories locked away in a file Now I came to another door But too scared to open it Knowing I will leave it very soon It always happens The anger, hurt and pain Then me and my old battered suitcase Take the last train into the night With a ticket to "anywhere."
ISLAMABAD -- Former Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari has urged disqualified prime minister Nawaz Sharif to face cases instead of running away from them.
I'm considering running away. School is terrible and at home, my family is always fighting.
The Dubai Police are increasingly receiving complaints about girls in their early twenties falling into bad company and running away from home.
"As soon as you think about running away to marry, you think of Gretna and when I had a look I thought it was lovely.
-Some people who are severely affected from gas are running away
But talking to your child and having open conversations, regardless of how awkward they might be, may be all it takes to prevent them from feeling desperate and hopeless enough to consider running away."