running away

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the act of leaving (without permission) the place you are expected to be

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As soon as you think about running away to marry, you think of Gretna and when I had a look I thought it was lovely.
Some people who are severely affected from gas are running away
But talking to your child and having open conversations, regardless of how awkward they might be, may be all it takes to prevent them from feeling desperate and hopeless enough to consider running away.
Shea finally understood that her owner was very worried about her and that she risked her safety by running away.
Bob Brown, who was skateboarding towards the scene of the crime, heard the woman scream for help and threw his skateboard at the suspect that was running away with the purse.
Running away from the pressures of life is not living.
Taylor Edwards has a habit of running away from the consequences of her actions.
Up to 70 percent of the approximately 700 female prisoners in Afghanistan have been imprisoned for running away, nearly always for fleeing forced marriage or domestic violence, a March 2012 Human Rights Watch report found.
Our goal is to identify long-term effects of running away from home so we can better educate parents, teachers, and other adults to get involved, address the issues, and ultimately prevent a runaway situation.
Young people use running away as a coping mechanism but can be unaware of the dangers they put themselves in," explains Elise Noblet, a project worker at the charity's Manchester-based Safe In The City programme.
It is clear that helping to prevent young people running away would have real social benefits.
The policemen scuffled with the defendants when they tried to prevent them from running away.
I think you have to sit back and think why these "maids" are running away from you.
Pergamit titled "On the Lifetime Prevalence of Running Away from Home.
So any farmer who has trouble with his workers running away must have had some kind of poor working conditions or bad pay.