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tropical American bean with red flowers and mottled black beans similar to Phaseolus vulgaris but perennial

long bean pods usually sliced into half-inch lengths

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You will need: 1kg runner beans (when dry trimmed and sliced) 750g onions (chopped) 500g demerara sugar 500g soft brown sugar 1 heaped tablespoon cornflour 1 tablespoon turmeric 1 heaped tablespoon mustard powder 1 litre vinegar Method: Cook chopped onions in 700ml of vinegar and cook sliced beans in well salted water until tender.
Star performance Philip Hobbs, in double form and boasting a satisfied smile after landing a coup with Rift Valley Quote of the day ``I ran him one day at Catterick, and the commentator said that if he went any further right he would end up on the A1'' - Richard Lee, turning the clock back to his early days with Runner Bean and reflecting that he now only runs his fifth-race winner on right-handed coursesm Results and analysis start page 68
This is especially true of runner beans. Seed sown now will produce fine young plants for setting out in late May or early June.
My favourite runner bean is the superb White Lady, a white flowered type which always gives a heavy crop of succulent, stringless pods, while Ferrari is a tip-top new French bean which produces super-fine pods of great colour and flavour.
The big seed companies are currently carrying out trials that could soon see us all growing runner beans on the patio and tomatoes in our hanging baskets.
TASTE OF SUMMER Above, Warm Green Bean, Halloumi and Potato Salad with Olives; far left, Sweet Eve Strawberries with Pink Lady Apple Sorbet, and Salmon en Croute with a Runner Bean and Broad Bean Remoulade
Use 600g summer runner beans; 750g cooked king prawns, peeled, deveined and tails intact; a large handful fresh basil; a large handful fresh coriander leaves and two fresh kaffia lime leaves, centre veins removed, thinly sliced.
The new and exclusive runner bean called Teenie Beanie is billed as being the first ever mini podded runner bean available to the amateur gardener.
"sorry to bring up an old chestnut, but what's your take on spraying runner bean flowers with water?" asks Colin Cathcart, of Blackburn, Lancs A Old chestnuts are what keep gardeners going, Colin, so keep 'em coming.
Runner bean problems If your runner beans don't have many flowers it may be you've applied too much fertiliser and/or water at the wrong time.
Best of the Bunch Climbing Beans THIS weekend is the beginning of the runner bean season when those that have been growing their seedling runner bean plants in small pots under glasshouse protection for the last two to three weeks can finally get them planted out in those well-prepared trenches that were started back in winter or early spring.
GREEN-FINGERED pupils and their teacher have grown raspberries, tomatoes, marigolds and sunflowers and even won a prize in a contest to find the ent runner bean in the area.
I'll take the children and we'll go out to the trampoline and the swing set and we'll stop by the garden and see how our tomatoes are going." Sounds more like a pirate of the runner bean!
A farmer from Herefordshire who has been commissioned to grow what is believed to be the smallest runner bean hopes its size will make it appealing.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Winston Churchill; 2 The Pleiades; 3 Runner bean; 4 It is the name of a system of rhythmic movement; 5 The Duke of Bedford