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Synonyms for rune

any character from an ancient Germanic alphabet used in Scandinavia from the 3rd century to the Middle Ages

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Rune attached the fiberglass panels with special screws that have a neoprene washer under the head to seal the holes.
The Runes never tell fortunes, nor do they predict future events.
Rune stones are an important part of the Swedish cultural environment.
Coerced into smashing another man's teeth and beating him to a pulp, Rune performs the deed (shown in grisly, calculated detail), displaying no misgivings or stirrings of conscience.
I guess this'll work," Rune said, tossing her helmet on the chair.
Czech GP result: Emil Sajfutdinov (Russia) 17, Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) 19, Jason Crump (Australia) 14, Leigh Adams (Australia) 13, Nicki Pedersen (Denmark) 12, Andreas Jonsson (Sweden) 11, Greg Hancock (USA) 10, Kenneth Bjerre (Denmark) 10, Tomasz Gollob (Poland) 7, Hans Andersen (Denmark) 6, Chris Harris (Great Britain) 6, Grzegorz Walasek (Poland) 6, Sebastian Ulamek (Poland) 5, Scott Nicholls (Great Britain) 4, Rune Holta (Poland) 3, Matej Kus (Czech Republic) 1.
It's far too early for Rune to go straight into the side but we might thrust him onto the bench," said Turner.
He learns to hear the "whispers in his blood," to use ancient runes and create a "Fetch" that is a duplicate of himself.
RACE: Rune Gjeldnes HE'S drunk blood with African tribesmen and hunted for crocodiles, but now intrepid explorer Bruce Parry is embarking on the toughest adventure of his life.
At Murray Hill Properties/ TCN Worldwide, Siderow manages a sales force of more than 60 full rune professional brokers and supervises the exclusive leasing agency business.
asks Rune Frovik, director of Norway's High North Alliance.
ASTON VILLA boss David O'Leary is lining up a transfer-window swoop for Norwegian striker Rune Lange.
From time to rune, the exhibition implies, certain symbols become important in culture.
Norwegian Rune Naeri managed to down a stomach-churning 187 in three minutes - swallowing more than one oyster a second - at the annual Hillsborough Oyster Festival in Co Down.