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an open automobile having a front seat and a rumble seat

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As part of the Big Runaround, committed supporters have been taking part in a series of fundraising runs for the music charity which runs the Big Noise Raploch orchestra.
"Basically, in a nutshell, this defendant gives police the runaround for six hours saying he was going to kill himself and he was on Scotswood Bridge," Mr Palmer said.
Sources say the runaround car smashed into the taxi, which was carrying two passengers, before its driver fled on foot.
One of the upgrades was dedicated heat recovery chiller enhanced runaround coils (DERAC), which helped the school to increase its ENERGY STAR rating of 40 to 94.
I also recently had the Council Credit pension people giving me the runaround, when they could have easily made a decision right at the beginning.
But the money did not arrive and Rose, 68, was given the runaround for six months.
Big Eyed Rabbit performs with the Merry Runaround at 8:30 p.m.
Perhaps the Tories thought squeezing that little bit more from the young, the infirm and the elderly to fund a brand new ocean runaround for the Queen would get the thumbs up sign.
Theo (right), 22 months, is giving the enemy the runaround in Helmand Province by making 14 finds of IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and weapons caches in just five months.
Mercer and his mob not only endeavoured to give Merseyside Police the runaround but they were completely insensitive to the heartache, distress and loss that they caused for Melanie, Steve and their entire family.
Murray was short of fitness prior to this event and Federer's knowhow may mean he gives the younger man the runaround.
As the genial host of Runaround, the ITV children's gameshow, he brought us 'G-g-g-g-go!' and 'Runaround now' - not much on the face of it, but memorable nonetheless.
An utterly invaluable self-treatment aid for anyone who has been given the runaround by the medical establishment while seeking help for pain, and highly recommended for massage and physical therapists seeking to expand their repertoire of healing techniques.
If you think you get the runaround at your local Department of Motor Vehicles, imagine how Jesus must feel--the West Virginia DMV won't even let him get a license.
This will ensure that images retain their scale, offset, rotation, skew, runaround and flip, according to the company.