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an open automobile having a front seat and a rumble seat

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Choosing a 'fashionable' little used runabout can often be a risk.
He said he is to meet with PSNI chiefs and statutory agencies to establish what can be done to tackle runabouts through, for example, giving the police more powers to lift the vehicles.
DANGEROUS "runabout" cars are being bought for as little as PS20 before being raced around city streets, it was warned last night.
The runabouts on show at The Pearl-Qatar's Marina are the Bayliner 175, 185, 195, 215 and 235 models, which all stand out for their spacious interior design, size and their affordability.
Forget the people carrier and electric runabout ...
Another local lover of wooden runabouts is Gene Hand of Eugene.
But the Kewet is one of the few electric cars you can buy today that was designed to be an electric car from the start: Green Motorworks sees them as ideal commuter cars and handy runabouts for traffic cops and utility meter readers.
Indiana manufacturers primarily build aluminum pontoon and fishing boats, plus fiberglass runabouts and deckboats--products priced well below the $100,000 threshold where the luxury tax kicked in.
CARS like the new Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Fiesta, the bread and butter runabouts for British families, have improved so much in the past few years that they're as luxurious and well made as Volkswagen Polos.
in 1958 in Decatur to build runabouts. Starcraft acquired Duo in 1966 and Porter stayed on for a time.
The virtually silent 56mph runabouts, the Met's first electric vehicles, use stealth rather than speed to catch crooks.
But he reserved judgment on how the 22cc runabouts, which can hit 20mph, should be defined.