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the time at which a (software or multimedia) program is run

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(computer science) the length of time it takes to execute a software program

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The time complexity is a theoretical measure, usually it needs complex theories to be computed, therefore, in some cases, it is estimated using the run-time complexity.
For this research were chosen the most used three programming languages (Java, C ++ and C #) in which were implemented the following sorting algorithms: QucikSort, BubbleSort and direct insertion sort, in order to find out which programming language provides the shortest run-time. Quicksort was chosen because it is recognized as the fastest sorting algorithm, Bubble Sort because it is one of the most known, being very easy to remember, and the direct insertion sort was selected because is almost as simple to understand as BubbleSort, but provides a lower execution time.
Two types of comparisons were considered: the first uses the mean run-time obtained with all 1000 arrays with various sizes, whilst the second uses the mean run-time obtained executing 1000 times a random array (the same in all 9 analyses).
The QuickSort algorithm obtained in Java an average run-time / array of 86.884558 microseconds, in C++ an average run-time / array of 125.322744 microseconds and in C# an average run-time / array of 194.921370 microseconds.
The Direct insertion sort algorithm obtained in java an average run-time / array of 218.808273 microseconds, in C ++ an average run-time / array of 999.756718 microseconds and in C# an average run-time / array of 1817.122120 microseconds.
The Bubble Sort algorithm proved to be the most inefficient, obtaining in java an average run-time / array of 1329.853091 microseconds, in C ++ an average run-time / vector of 3339.091910 microseconds, and in C# an average run-time / vector of 5591.868977 microseconds.
* One price; no if s, ands, or buts for single PC run-time version.
ISYS software from Odyssey costs $1,495 and permits you to distribute up to 100 copies of its run-time version.
It costs $4,495 for one year and you may create as many titles in as many copies with the run-time version as you wish during that year.
You pay $695 for the authoring software and $99 for each copy of the run-time version bundled with the CD-ROMs.
It is essential to get current information from the software producer before you embark on any project that involves the distribution of the run-time version of authoring software and to make sure that your distribution plans comply with the limitations imposed by the licensing alternative that you choose.
But you can only guess from the run-time version what solutions are possible and how easy they are to implement in the authoring module.
The Run-Time services also enable defining, logging, and analysis of historical and trend data so it can be reviewed by the plant operator.
Green Hills Software's royalty-free INTEGRITY and ThreadX real-time operating systems, fully integrated with its market leading compilers and MULTI Integrated Development Environment, provide a total development and run-time solution that addresses both deeply embedded and maximum-reliability applications.
To help embedded systems programmers maximize performance and efficiency and make size/speed tradeoffs, the MULTI development environment provides a run-time execution profiler called CodeBalance.