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the time at which a (software or multimedia) program is run

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(computer science) the length of time it takes to execute a software program

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The Run-Time services also enable defining, logging, and analysis of historical and trend data so it can be reviewed by the plant operator.
DDC-I offers compilers, integrated development environments and run-time systems for C, Embedded C++, Ada, JOVIAL and Fortran application development.
Workbench defines policies that are enforced (physically actioned) by the Service Manager run-time security and management systems.
To support Windows/RTX run-time environments, DDC-I has mapped Ada tasks to RTX threads.
OpenSplice's deployment modeling and run-time monitoring and maintenance tools provide total remote-control over the deployed DDS-system.
Finally, systems integration and evolution are supported by the run-time monitoring tools being fully integrated with the design-time modeling tools, thus supporting real 'round-trip' engineering capability.
Together, Software AG and AmberPoint will enable companies to reduce the complexity of enterprise-class SOA governance by providing seamless solutions, from initial design through to run-time management.
The integration between Software AG's crossvision and AmberPoint provides a continuous bridge between human-to-human business processes, the design and construction of service-based applications and the enforcement of governance policies at service run-time.
Advanced run-time stack analysis, built in trace, Event-Chaining(TM), and priority flexibility enable programmers to identify application problem areas and fine-tune system performance.
ThreadX V5 can analyze thread stacks during run-time to determine stack overflow or underflow conditions before threads are executed.
SOA Software, the leading provider of comprehensive SOA and Web services management, security and run-time governance solutions, today announced the industry's first registry independent SOA infrastructure product suite.
Spectra OE is a new second generation high-performance, low-overhead run-time environment (software platform) for software defined radio (SDR) applications.
GATINEAU, Canada -- Component Enabler(TM) facilitates advanced testing and risk reduction with run-time monitor
LDO Extends Battery Run-Times and Has High Tolerance for Input-Voltage Variations