run short

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Synonyms for run short

to be spent or finished

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His eyes were yellow and muddy, as though Nature had run short on pigments and squeezed together the dregs of all her tubes.
As often happens in these large families, a distinct dividing-line could be traced, about half-way in the succession, where the money for educational purposes had run short, and the six younger children had grown up far more economically than the elder.
"How dare you remind me of that horrid dinner party, when your's is so nice in every way?' added Jo, as they both laughed and ate out of one plate, the china having run short.
It's what I think to myself sometimes, as there need nobody run short o' victuals if the land was made the most on, and there was never a morsel but what could find its way to a mouth.
"Besides, if we should run short of food you will prove desirable--for the quantity of you, I mean, and not otherwise.
It also regulates the money supply, holds the deposits of commercial banks, and lends money to banks that run short of reserves.