run low

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Synonyms for run low

to be spent or finished

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The lithium ion-powered flashlights and lanterns can charge electronic devices via built-in USB and Micro USB ports; then, when their own batteries run low, built-in solar chargers help generate power for hours of illumination.
Car owners could be in for a shock when they run low on oil because the average engine repair bill is in excess of pounds 1,400, but maintaining proper oil levels can avoid this..
Stocks at the National Blood Service run low over the festive season but a session is taking place in Selly Oak to bolster supplies.
Those who join will be contacted when supplies run low and asked to donate at a local centre within 24 hours.
Pagan, his beloved former master the saintly Lord Roland, Roland's Machiavellian brother Lord Jordan, and anxious Isidore, who suffers from epilepsy, are all trapped within the walls as food and water run low and battles rage.