run dry

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become empty of water


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A spot check by the Nation in Kangundo and Tala towns revealed that a number of fuel stations had run dry, with those which still had the precious commodity, mainly diesel, experiencing long queues of motorists seeking to fill up.
He said the region had no any permanent water scheme, while the people had set up small schemes to get water on their own but as their all water sources had run dry since the tunnel digging, the people were in trouble.
Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Apr 18 ( ANI ): A day after reports emerged that ATMs in many parts of the country had run dry of cash, former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav on Wednesday alleged that there was an international conspiracy to hit the Indian economy.
The Supreme Court (SC) has ordered Bestway Cement Factory to refill the pond of the Katas Raj Temples, which has run dry because of absence of water due to the increasing consumption of the cement factory.
Wanner says Hydra-Cell pumps have no dynamic seals and can run dry indefinitely without problem, seal maintenance is eliminated and being totally leak free, they provide 100% containment of all pumped liquids, removing any possibility of dangerous liquids or vapours leaking to atmosphere.
Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals Forum (PBIF) has said Pakistan might run dry by 2025 if the government did not take immediate action to face water scarcity in the country.
Denver, CO, August 18, 2016 --( Author Jim Lester Releases New Coming Of Age Historical Fiction Novel - Till the Rivers All Run Dry
During this period of dry run the pump is subjected to run dry situation for short periods.
The system can be programmed to run dry samples in either liquid or dry dispersion, and liquid samples in liquid dispersion.
Primary seal ring wear life has been a problem with these mechanical seals because they must run dry with high shaft run-out.
In Britain, we paid by spending tens of billions of pounds nationalising banks and propping up a collapsing sector so cash machines didn't run dry.
HAVING been to the abandoned meeting at Chester on Sunday, after contacting the racecourse I was told they will not be reimbursing the paying public because three races had been run dry - despite it clearly stating on the ticket to keep hold of it in case of abandonment.
Just yards away at Springburn's Esso garage, supplies of diesel had run dry before noon and only super unleaded petrol was available at several pumps.
DRIVERS again faced lengthy queues for fuel today as panic buying caused pumps on Teesside to run dry.