run down

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  • verb

Synonyms for run down


move downward

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injure or kill by running over, as with a vehicle


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use up all one's strength and energy and stop working

examine hastily

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His run down the side of Belgacom tower, shattered the previous record by 19 seconds.
He would have run down with his gun if he thought someone had broken in.
The SNP Government inherited a run down and demoralised shambles at Vale Of Leven and the real question is what local Labour MSP Jackie Baillie was doing as it was being stitched up.
I and many of the people of Cowgate voted for the Lib Dems, hoping the area would be revitalised after Labour let it be run down.
A CANOEIST found dead in the English Channel may have been run down by a passing ship.
Run down our Armed Forces to dangerous levels and largely dismantled the industry which supports them; 6.
Hitting this exposed nerve will cause a tingling sensation to run down your arm and spread into your third and fourth fingers.
DEREK FERGUSON has told how Ted McMinn went on a run down the wing at Ibrox - and DISAPPEARED in the Copland Road stand
Londoners are most likely to run down the power in their batteries' while Scots are the most likely to mix up their fuels.
When your opponent is ahead near the end of the game, they will seek to run time off the clock--allow the play clock to run down 20 or more seconds before snapping the ball.
A nice touch is the little thumbnails which instantly pop up in the navigation box as you run down the categories.
It's off on a 30 minute dive to Wilson Airport on the other side of town, a run down colonial offering with aircraft all over the place, some old, some tatty (very tatty) and some extremely modern.