run down

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Synonyms for run down


move downward

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injure or kill by running over, as with a vehicle


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use up all one's strength and energy and stop working

examine hastily

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Scotland is famous for the warm welcome it affords tourists - but almost being run down by a car and then pelted with tatties does not come into the category of outstanding hospitality.
Event 4 -- Run Down Backward & Run Back Forwards Relay: A student runs backward down to the end line and runs forwards back to tag a teammate.
The post Police seek driver who tried to run down soldiers in southern France appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Speaking before the meeting Llanelli mayor Mr Lemon said: "In my view, and in the view of many people living in Llanelli, we've been systematically run down as an industrial town.
Summary: Mark Sluszny has broken a different sort of 100 metre record- he set a new best time for a vertical run down the side of a building.
"I made a bet with ["The Help" director Tate Taylor] that if Obama was elected, I would run down the street naked.
"I remember occasions when his security lights came on at night and he would run down shouting with his gun.
I tried to run down the hill and he fired another one, and when I'd run down the corner he went off in the car." She added: "I felt it go past my ponytail on the back of my hair when I bent down.
Officer Shachar Mizrachi shot a thief who attempted to run down police.
I and many of the people of Cowgate voted for the Lib Dems, hoping the area would be revitalised after Labour let it be run down.
A CANOEIST found dead in the English Channel may have been run down by a passing ship.
Run down our Armed Forces to dangerous levels and largely dismantled the industry which supports them; 6.
DEREK FERGUSON has told how Ted McMinn went on a run down the wing at Ibrox - and DISAPPEARED in the Copland Road stand!
Londoners are most likely to run down the power in their batteries' while Scots are the most likely to mix up their fuels.