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"Yes, run away, and become your mistress," she said angrily.
If I had not run away from home and if Father were here now, I should not be dying of hunger.
They both advised me to run away to the north; that I should find friends there, and that I should be free.
You can imagine," roared the stage-manager, "that that little girl must have, been carried off by somebody else: she didn't run away by herself!
He said, `What do you want?' I answered, `Some one has run away with Christine Daae.' What do you think he said?
'But if I find it necessary to leave you, Arthur, I shall not "run away": you know I have your own promise that I may go whenever I please, and take my son with me.'
I threaten mamma sometimes that I'll run away, and disgrace the family by earning my own livelihood, if she torments me any more; and then that frightens her a little.
"Run away aft; run away aft with ye!" cried Hoseason.
"Why DOES a woman run away from a man?" she answered my question with another.
But the most peculiar virtue of all lay in the fact that the dog that strove to attack one in front of him must pull the sled faster, and that the faster the sled travelled, the faster could the dog attacked run away. Thus, the dog behind could never catch up with the one in front.
One thing, in this connection, White Fang quickly learnt, and that was that a thieving god was usually a cowardly god and prone to run away at the sounding of the alarm.
'save her from you.' Afterwards she ran away from me again, and you found her and arranged your marriage with her once more; and now, I hear, she has run away from you and come to Petersburg.
"Then, in another week, she had run away again, and came here to Lebedeff's; and when I found her here, she said to me, 'I'm not going to renounce you altogether, but I wish to put off the wedding a bit longer yet--just as long as I like--for I am still my own mistress; so you may wait, if you like.' That's how the matter stands between us now.
"But why did she run away to me, and then again from me to--"
There's nothing extraordinary about her having run away from you!