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Australian police have been given the run around by a three-year-old eastern grey kangaroo in Melbourne.
In October 2003 she began a five-year run around the world to raise the profile of prostate cancer after the death of her second husband Clive.
General secretary Bob Crow said:" It is all very well the mayor announcing that the Tube will run around the clock during the Olympics but if it is going to happen, it will need detailed planning and the agreement and goodwill of the professional staff who will deliver it.
The point of going to school is to learn, not to run around your math class, listen to your iPod, roll around on exercise balls and IM during class.
So we thought, what better way to show that than to have a fun animal run around the house?" Fair enough.
BOBBY WILLIAMSON reckons Kevin Thomson is right - the Hibs starlet DID used to run around like a headless chicken.
In a handgun, .22 Magnum velocities run around 1,400-1,500 fps depending upon barrel length, but considerably short of rifle velocities.
by mail order and we can run around calling each other doctor, all you've really done is devalued the concept of a cortege degree to the point that it doesn't mean very much."
They say walking on a treadmill while checking email and discussing business during a run around the track could help an average person, say a male weighing 160 pounds, lose a tremendous amount of weight with a consistent diet.
A secondary steel structure supports the bamboo facade and narrow timber pedestrian walkways that run around the perimeter of each floor.
It will run around on its two feet, flap its wings, bang this way and that ...
Any farmer will tell you that certain animals run around and are unpleasant, but when they're fixed then they are happy and sedate.
Our customers are not subjected to the typical run around between a company's various technical support organizations."
We would let her run around our rest room while we were having a tea break and like all ferrets she displayed an absolute joy in life.