run afoul

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go against, as of rules and laws

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The other is that businessmen he had run afoul of ordered him eliminated.
Plus, you can categorize your tax-deductible expenses year-round so you don't run afoul of the tax man.
However, that would run afoul of legislative leaders who insist that time has run out.
Follow up with [e.sup.3] Odor Terminator Field Spray, Dead Down Wind's last line of defense for archers who may run afoul of wayward scents such as gasoline, smoke and food odors on their way to a hunting locale or sometimes even in the field.
In June, the national church's synod voted down a plan to let local churches decide for themselves whether to bless same-sex marriages while also saying that same-sex blessings do not run afoul of core Anglican doctrine.
After an extended review of the transaction, the Justice Department said that the combined firm would still face competition in fresh and processed pork and therefore did not run afoul of antitrust rules.
A similar 2003 case brought in French civil court had run afoul of a thirty-year limitations period which allegedly does not apply in administrative court.
Her father, a mayor who had run afoul of the Nazi authorities himself, tells Sophie he is proud of her and Hans and what they have done.
Some companies have run afoul of native bands by conducting grassroots exploration in places considered sacred or part of Aboriginal traditional lands.
Opponents of Buttars's proposal said it would run afoul of the same legal obstacles as previous attempts to ban the clubs did.
The new practice privilege will provide the CBA with increased opportunity to protect California consumers by letting them know who is practicing in California and provide them with an expedited method of bringing discipline against out-of-state CPAs who may run afoul of the law.
A JUDGE in the US has ordered "black box" technology to keep an eye on drivers who repeatedly run afoul of the law.
In the absence of similar guidance for other e-sign applications, many schools have been reluctant to broaden its use, not wanting to possibly run afoul of the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
But in the end they refuse to stick their necks out for this child of theirs who has run afoul of the authorities in his untimely wholeness.