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a recreation room for noisy activities (parties or children's play etc)

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Walk into the Rumpus Room and you'll find a long bar to the left, with counter-to-ceiling wood shelves filled with softly back-lit brown spirits, and to the right, a charming charcuterie bar, with six bar stools and sofa seating and cozy chairs tucked in a 350-sq.
Tess, the founder of Rumpus Room Dance (a 2010 "25 to Watch"), slips her fluent, kinetic language onto a cast of 14 in And Then.
It soon became a den for the children with a rumpus room, a bedroom each, a bathroom and a network of nooks, crannies and tiny passageways perfect for playing hide-and-seek and sardines.
6) "Our True Intent Is All for Your Delight: The John Hinde Butlin's Photographs" (Photographers' Gallery, London) These photographs, taken by commercial photographers (the Dublin-based John Hinde Studio) in the 1960s and '70s to be turned into gaudy postcards publicizing Butlin's, the UK's best-known holiday camp, were here blown up to gallery scale at the behest of photographer Martin Parr and dearly revealed the cracks in the forced-entertaimnent center's shiny facade: Views of parents gulping down martinis in the bar while miserable nurses chased their feral offspring around the rumpus room said it all.
Prisbrey's hobby lasted 25 years and resulted in 13 buildings, including a rumpus room for her grandchildren and a ``shot house,'' which she built out of her second husband's empty beer bottles to shame him about his drinking.
RETARDED patients at three private homes were slapped, locked in a dog kennel or put in a punishment chamber branded the Rumpus Room, a court heard yesterday.
Robert Fairchild * Julia Rhoads * Adrienne Benz * Maeghan McHale * Lloyd Knight * Isaac Hernandez * Sheryl Murakami * Company C Contemporary Ballet * Irina Tsikurishvili * Claudia Rahardjanoto * Ekaterina Krysanova * Nelly van Bommel * Iyar Elezra * Alex Wong * Jessika Muns * Pearlann Porter * Aparna Ramaswamy * William Wingfield * Emily Proctor * Rumpus Room * Caine Keenan * Eric Tramm * Sean Dorsey * Judith Sanchez Ruiz * Whitney Jensen *
The Rumpus Room, a shared studio for up to six artists at a time, offers the use of potter's wheels and materials.
The third bedroom in the Monnow, for example, can be used in any way to suit the new owners, whether as a study, a rumpus room, or, as it is situated on the ground floor, as an extra space to accommodate a teenager and the accompanying clutter.
NFL fire drill: For those who need to keep track of such things, Fox Sports Net's ``NFL This Morning'' has added Boomer Esiason and Deacon Jones to the rumpus room with Marv Levy and Jay Mohr.
Other specialty programs include The Rumpus Room Concert Series featuring live performances from today's hottest kids artists recorded at the SIRIUS XM studios, and Talespinners, which features new and classic stories told by celebrities like Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and Jennifer Aniston as well as the greatest professional story-tellers and spoken-word recording artists in North America.
If you're just thinking about buying one or two for the rumpus room, however, good luck choosing.
Two years later, a cinder block-walled basement rumpus room has become an entertainment haven housing his collection of American Indian and cowboy art and artifacts, plus a 100-inch TV screen, a ceiling-mounted projector, eight surround-sound speakers, a digital satellite system, a DVD player and Web TV.