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a person given to gossiping and divulging personal information about others

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It is far too easy for a few idle rumourmongers and gossips to destroy the reputation of the men or women who wear the King's uniform.
LIPSTICK OKAY, it's not technically a food, but that didn't stop the rumourmongers from claiming your lipstick is poisoning you.
Sources told government was mulling over taking action against those who were involved in betting of billion of rupees and the rumourmongers.
The officer warned the public against spreading such rumours, and said rumourmongers would face legal action.
And, in an angry statement, Baker condemned the rumourmongers as totally irresponsible.
Transparency was the magic key to silence all rumourmongers and Dubai has proved that its strong economy is a part and parcel of the strong UAE economy under the leadership of President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan," he said.
RUMOURMONGERS went into overdrive half an hour before the London Stock Exchange closed for the weekend yesterday, when more than 56 million shares in racecourse group Arena Leisure changed hands.
Middlesbrough manager Gareth Gatesouth has a dig at rumourmongers after being asked if he is signing Brazilian Afonso Alves
Certainly, there were few signs of the divisions some rumourmongers have peddled as Boudewijn Zenden claimed the honours from Sami Hyypia, with Mohamed Sissoko trailing a long way behind in last place.
Phillips ended his three-year reign after last week's defeat to Gresley Rovers, resigning as manager after claiming boardroom rumourmongers had made his post untenable.
Russian Rhythm's success silenced the rumourmongers in some style.
Jailing people it describes as rumourmongers might scare journalists and social media users to toe the government line on stocks, at least for a little while, but it won't help the broader economy or the financial markets.
WHEN Bradley Wiggins launched into a furious tirade at a press conference this week, it is important to note he was attacking lazy rumourmongers on Twitter, not the impertinence of someone asking him a question about drugs in cycling.
A President Obama will find the Oval Office does nothing to free him from the bigots, rumourmongers and Republican bitter-enders who have sought to derail his candidacy.
Coincidentally, I was at Livingston last night and I suppose that's likely to spark off the rumourmongers once again.