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Synonyms for rumor

idle, often sensational and groundless talk about others

to engage in or spread gossip

Synonyms for rumor

gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth) passed around by word of mouth

tell or spread rumors


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References in classic literature ?
Various rumors were afloat to the effect that the owners of the Pharaon had promised to attend the nuptial feast; but all seemed unanimous in doubting that an act of such rare and exceeding condescension could possibly be intended.
Meanwhile, the soldier who had fetched the rumor bustled about with much importance.
Neither was this rumor wholly discredited, although the wiser class believed the Governor's object somewhat less atrocious.
The doctor had often heard rumors of treasure being buried in various parts of the island, and had long been anxious to get on the traces of it.
And now, as I still continued to step cautiously onward, there came thronging upon my recollection a thousand vague rumors of the horrors of Toledo.
Men talked of the cave as a secret receptacle of guilt; and, as the rumor of ores and metals found its way into the confused medley of conjectures, counterfeiting, and everything else that was wicked and dangerous to the peace of society, suggested themselves to the busy fancies of the populace.
If it be as thou sayest," replied Goodman Brown, "I marvel they never spoke of these matters; or, verily, I marvel not, seeing that the least rumor of the sort would have driven them from New England.
The only new book which I remember to have read in those two or three years at Dayton, when I hardly remember to have read any old ones, was the novel of 'Jane Eyre,' which I took in very imperfectly, and which I associate with the first rumor of the Rochester Knockings, then just beginning to reverberate through a world that they have not since left wholly at peace.
Of course the thing was ridiculous--preposterous--but preposterous things often happen in war; and anyway no good general permits the least rumor of enemy activity to go uninvestigated.
For the moment he poignantly regretted that rumor was not true, and that his eleven millions were not in reality thirty millions.
     Hinting a rumor of some ancient guilt.
Beside him were two hyenas, which rumor had said were his only and constant companions.
But it was in an expectant state, for the air was full of rumors of a new duel.
Alarmed at rumors of this impending danger, the Astorians suspended their regular labor, and set to work, with all haste, to throw up temporary works for refuge and defense.
A street opened before him; he thought it so dark and deserted that he hoped to there escape from all the rumors as well as from all the gleams of the festival.