ruling class

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the class of people exerting power or authority

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There are many in this country who like the idea of being ruled by the ruling class and being part of the lower orders, which is why the ruling class is allowed to continue on with it's exploitation and corruption.
A professor emeritus at Boston University, the author actually makes a bipartisan and justifiable attack on the elites of both political parties and on other members of what he calls the ruling class.
lackof I''m oneis laterthis in closerthan Hale Village And the ruling class must take full responsibility for the consequences of this.
Today's voters better understand that America's ruling class has abused their positions in power to advantage themselves and their friends at the expense of the rest of us.
Following that, Rodney's celebrated critique in "Politics of the African Ruling Class" and his notion of the fractured state is extended to explain the neocolonial posture of the ruling class and the economic orientation of the state in Haiti.
Gorbachev also accused the ruling class in Russia of showing indifference to its people.
There are always protests in China, for example, the ruling class there is notorious for watching over its citizens like Big Brother.
Marxists believe fascism is the last fling of the ruling class and the rich middle class in their attempt to hold the working class down.
We understood all about Magna Carta and how Parliament was created to provide protection for the people against the cruel excesses of the ruling class.
Essays, monographs and empirical studies have been published as to the extent of MM influence, the time frame in which it retains control, the 'depth' of loyalty to MM inculcated opinions, and the 'place' in which MM messages have the greatest influence in inducing mass opinion in conformity with ruling class interests.
The whole jail system and this capitalistic system are set up to support people who serve the ruling class.
But in some ways, he says, relations were easier when Saddam was in power, because as the ruling class, the Sunnis were less likely to lash out at the Shiites.
The same corrupt and entrenched ruling class that uses its political power and control of the government to protect its wealth, and amass more, wants the United States to absorb its poverty, while compelling American taxpayers to pick up the tab to build up the country's infrastructure.
The Americans only belatedly entered the war, having been promised a slice of the spoils and after much pleading by the UK ruling class.
All working-class men and women of that time and place had reason to fear being hanged, postulates Linebaugh, supporting his theories about the use of public hanging as a weapon of the ruling class with extensive evidence and historical cases.