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Lewis' work can be read through the lens of a Christian witness in which all humans are feminine in relation to a masculine Deity, who provides the only true rulership, virility, power, and strength.
KUWAIT, Jan 28 (KUNA) -- Kuwait marks tomorrow (Wednesday) the eighth anniversary of the accession of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to the rulership of the State of Kuwait.
Leaked Audio Recording Has Sissi Detailing His Rulership Dreams: The Telegraph of London on Dec.
Paul Kershaw's book is the first comprehensive study of the theme of peace in the imagination of the court advisors, imperial biographers, and royal panegyrists who formulated and promoted the ideals of Christian rulership in the period between the end of the western Roman Empire in the late fifth century and the waning of Carolingian authority at the close of the ninth century.
Similarly, although Christian missions were active among the Picts from the sixth century AD, we have no textual information on the character or significance of pre-Christian belief and its role in early rulership.
She's working her magic until then and all the usual stuff about being extra attractive applies but it may be better to use her working rulership for you this month.
The contentious history of the partitioned states reads much like that found in the epic Indian Mahabharata poem where two kin families fight over the right of rulership.
The pieces serve as illustrations of these societies' fundamental principles such as the shamanic foundation of rulership in Mesoamerica, Costa Rica and Panama, as well as the cosmic principles embodied by gold and silver in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
Secondly, it is not clear from the text whether or not the periods of subjugation by other nations occurred simultaneously with the years of rulership by the judges.
The most extensive rock art picture, which is nearly 10 feet wide, shows five boats, one of which carries an anonymous king holding a long sceptre and wearing the White Crown, a conical shaped headpiece that symbolized rulership of southern Egypt.
The same powerful people in the federal government, especially in the executive branch, big media, and big business who pushed America toward unconstitutional foreign wars and world rulership in 1898 have had their plans and policies continued by their successors and the CFR members who've loaded up every presidential administration since FDR, as Jasper spelled out so well with his citing of Carroll Quigley's tome Tragedy & Hope.
This suggests, generally speaking, that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to see an Iranian-style rulership in Egypt and Tunisia, regardless of the unevenness between them, in the sense that Islamists would come to rule an Islamic republic headed by a cleric as the supreme leader.
After 1991, Boris Yeltsin's unruly privatization program reduced millions of people to a state of penury, and elevated a corrupt oligarchy into a position of virtual rulership over Russia.
He also stressed that decisions of the Supreme Court should be implemented in letter and spirit and respect and honour to the apex court and its should be given more importance than the chair of rulership.
While Riyadh's neighbours battle over entrenched forms of rulership, its kings have avoided public resentment against the monarchy - due to strong marital ties between the royal family and the powerful tribes.