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Synonyms for rule-governed

according to custom or rule or natural law


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The goals of this study were to explore the broader applicability of the McAuliffe finding and to advance the understanding of the relationship between depression and rule-governed behavior.
This finding indicates that dysphoric participants were less rule-governed compared with nondysphoric participants.
To determine whether rule-governed behavior was affected by instructional control conditions (pliance vs.
In the present study, dysphoric participants demonstrated greater schedule sensitivity and less rule-governed behavior than did nondysphoric participants.
Findings from the present study differ from those of McAuliffe (2004) in that (a) rule-governed schedule insensitivity in dysphoric participants was observed, whereas the present study reports it in nondysphoric participants, and (b) McAuliffe found greater schedule insensitivity among dysphoric participants in the pliance condition, whereas the present study showed no difference between tracking and pliance conditions.
1993), support Rehm's conceptualization that deficits in rule-governed behavior may contribute to depression.
Rule-governed behavior and sensitivity to changing consequences of responding.
Rule-governed behavior: Cognition, contingencies, and instructional control (pp.