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Synonyms for roost

a shelter with perches for fowl or other birds

a perch on which domestic fowl rest or sleep

Related Words

sit, as on a branch


Related Words

settle down or stay, as if on a roost

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SCOTTISH players no longer rule the roost south of the border.
On one hand, he's glad that intellectuals don't rule the roost, but he's also a little remorseful that he didn't have more clout and that Clinton wasn't more philosophical.
Lucent Technologies is using its chip design and network expertise to virtually rule the roost for DSL network equipment.
It gives sympathetic attention to variety, diversity, local specialities, flexibility and the virtues of the small farm alongside the large; and it offers an alternative periodization of the history of English agriculture which divides it into periods of uniformity when grain and cattle are profitable and rule the roost, making alternatives seem unimportant and irrational, and periods of diversity when problems of demand or labour supply undermine the hegemony of corn and horn and offer opportunities for the enterprising or the idealist to pursue alternative crops, methods and social systems and to supply new products to the open-minded consumer.
Rhada's husband Ashok (Kulbushan Kharbanda) and his ancient mother, Biji (Kushal Rekhi), rule the roost with outdated maxims.
Our health and safety is at risk and all these protection laws and RSPB and such like rule the roost.
Things may be different in Europe, though, with French sides again likely to rule the roost and Toulouse, Biarritz, Clermont and Perpignan at the head of affairs in the Heineken Cup.
JOHN DAVISON was destined to fight Billy Hardy for the right to rule the roost as Cock Of The North - only it never happened.
We also feel the need for change in the way community councils are run; only then will attendances rise and the minority will be unable to rule the roost.
Instead of working for mutual benefit, it seems self interest and petty politics still rule the roost.
Runaway Section C leaders Min y Don lost their 100% record in an 8-6 defeat at Old Colwyn but Colwyn Bay RBL continue to rule the roost in Section D after a 13-1 romp at Dyserth B.
Camelot can rule the roost in the Littlewoods Bet Direct RHT Summer Mile Handicap.