rule of thumb

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a rule or principle that provides guidance to appropriate behavior

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As with any rule of thumb, its usefulness hinges on its applicability in a variety of settings and across different time periods.
If the owner of Company B took either valuation rule of thumb as representing a "fair price" for his business, and he wished to sell, he'd certainly decline offers that are "excellent" and "fair" in a real-world sense--to his great misfortune.
With the 25 percent rule of thumb and other essentially arbitrary methods of calculation no longer acceptable in determining damages, experts say it may be wise to have witnesses prepare multiple damages theories.
982 in Equation 8 to allow the development of a simple, approximate rule of thumb for direct comparison with 3/[t.
Another rule of thumb is that the total quantity determined in the AFS 25 micron clay wash should be 1.
The general rule of thumb is one metric tonne of manure will produce 15 cubic metres of methane.
Again, as a rule of thumb, the best time to prune trees is during their dormant season.
A RULE OF thumb is a simple relationship that allows us to effortlessly "put in the numbers" at the starting point of an estimate.
Our training leads us to search for the formula, the rule of thumb or the checklist.
Finally, buttressing this first rule of thumb was a second: preliminary injunctions are disfavored, since they are issued before any court has heard all the evidence and arguments.
A main rule of thumb to remember is "the more specific your search, the better your results.
Carter's explanation of the rule of thumb is an example of erroneous modern day revisionist history.
In the event your library card was remanded or your local bookstore still subscribes to that wayward idea that "black people don't read or write rule of thumb," here are chapters and passages excerpted from books you always intended to get to but never did, like Walter Mosley's RL's Dream, Shay Youngblood's Black Girl in Paris, Steven Barnes' Lion's Blood, What You Owe Me by Bebe Moore Campbell and Slapboxing With Jesus by Victor D.
Gartner's rule of thumb for intellectual capital is: If the market value of a company is dependent on its intellectual capital, then at least as much senior executive attention should be placed on managing intellectual assets, especially the human capital component, as on physical and financial assets.