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Synonyms for ruination

the act of destroying or state of being destroyed

something that causes total loss or severe impairment, as of one's health, fortune, honor, or hopes

Synonyms for ruination

an irrecoverable state of devastation and destruction


an event that results in destruction

failure that results in a loss of position or reputation


Related Words

destruction achieved by causing something to be wrecked or ruined

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Asked to define "ruination", Alston said, "Severe deprivation of food and almost no access to healthcare."
latter a bunch of smaller versions of the same ruination. So I wonder
In 80 years of life, I have noted a number of infamous dates, but the flaming ruination of Iraq so pierced my being as to make me see the future of the world as unimaginable.
Why is a fisherman prosecuted into ruination because he placed some lobsters into the wrong container, and why does a raisin grower have part of his crop stolen by the Department of Agriculture?
GEORGE Tyndale's rant at posh white men for the ruination of English football is as bizarre as it is fantastical.
I say remember as another beer I tried isn't called Ruination for nothing - thank goodness for dry January.
Asleep on the job or too busy planning the ruination of Stockton South?
Imperial Debris: On Ruins and Ruination, edited by Ann Laura Stoler.
The pop star, however, did not apologise for her performance and her skit centred on the idea that it was her performance which caused the ruination of America.
Alice Mah, Industrial Ruination, Community, and Place: Landscapes and Legacies of Urban Decline (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012)
IN reply to Michelle Lewis from YorKshire Water's letter I suggest there is a simple solution to the expense and ruination of the spillway at Butterley reservoir.
Industrial ruination, community, and place; landscapes and legacies of urban decline.
Industrial Ruination, Community and Place: Landscapes and Legacies of Urban Decline.
England would have been up in arms at such ruination.
"Wars have given nothing to the two countries except destruction and ruination. In my opinion, both the countries will have to come forward to resolve issues for the welfare of people and improving their socio-economic condition," the Daily Times quoted Sharif, as saying.