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Pest alert: the rugose spiraling whitefly, Aleurodicus rugioperculatus Martin, a new exotic whitefly in south Florida (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae), http://freshfromflorida.
High-frequency rugose exopolysaccharide production by Vibrio cholerae.
The untrawlable areas were defined as any substrate containing boulders extending higher than ~20 cm off bottom or with exposed jagged bedrock that was rugose enough that the standard bottom trawl footrope would not pass easily over it.
Thorax: anterior lobe of pronotum much narrower than posterior lobe, anterolateral angles obliquely truncate, lateral notch angularly deep; sublateral areas of disc of fore lobe each with a rugose longitudinal ridge which runs posteriorly to middle of hind lobe.
The two ball chert zones in the middle Fredonia occur in a lithographic to finely crystalline limestone interval; white to gray color and includes spirifer brachiopods, horn corals, and the rugose coral (Lithostrotion harmodites).
Reproductive cycle of the rugose pen shell, Pinna rugosa Sowerby, 1835 (Mollusca: Bivalvia) from Bahia Concepci6n, Gulf of California and its relation to temperature and photoperiod.
Abdul Rahman, MB, Zaidan, UH, Basri, M, Hussein, MZ, Abdul Rahman, RNZ, Salleh, AB, "Enzymatic Synthesis of Methyl Adipate Ester Using Lipase from Candida rugose Immobilized on Mg, Zn and Ni of Layered Double Hydroxides.
Sex Character Condition determination Inion process Large and prominent Male Small and smooth Female Mastoid process Large, rugose, and robust Male Small, gracile, and smooth Female Frontal ridges Large, prominent, and rough Male Smooth and flat Female Dentition Large, squared, and angular Male Small and rounded Female Dental arch V shaped Male U shaped Female Chin shape Squared and prominent anteriorly Male Rounded or V shaped, gracile Female
45[degrees] from the rachis, opening during the day, becoming somewhat secund-pendant postanthesis; sepals broadly elliptic, acute, 12-14 mm long, the adaxial pair slightly carinate, 1-3 mm connate, nerved, becoming rugose when dried, pure white; corolla erect with spreading lobes; petals lanceolate, broadly acute, 18-22 mm long, naked, conglutinated into a tube for 8--10 mm, pure white; stamens and style included.
as a result of a rugose water bottom was required and this work and a
Carapace convex, yellow-brown, reddish brown or chestnut brown, smooth to minutely warty or rugose.
We find no pentamerus brachiopods or cystoid crinozoans or psilopsid plants above Devonian strata, no graptolites above Mississippian strata, and no trilobites or rugose corals above Permian strata.
Lower Permian colonial rugose corals, western and northwestern Pangaea; taxonomy and distribution.