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GRSPaV is implicated in the rupestris stem pitting disease of the rugose wood complex responsible for graft incompatibility, delayed bud burst, severe decline, stem pitting, and even death of vines.
The Vormsi RS stands out by the occurrence of tabulate and rugose corals, and dendroids (Dictyonema?
Aedeagus asymmetrical through 90[degrees] inversion of distiphallus; with two parameres, and these carrying a rugose morphoventral projection (Fig.
rugosa shows an interesting sexual dimorphism which is absent in all related Anomala species: the elytra of females are densely punctate and partly rugose, with distinct minute setae.
In this 50-year-old woman; a wide rugose cauliflower-like exophytic lesion on the attached gingiva in the anterior region thought to be epulis fissuratum or a giant-cell granuloma turned out to be condyloma acuminatum following the excisional biopsy.
cholerae strains can also persist in aquatic reservoirs as a rugose variant that promotes formation of a biofilm that confers resistance to chlorine and to oxidative and osmotic stresses (10-13) and also persists in a viable but nonculturable form (14).
1997) identified some taxa of rugose corals in a section near Ribadesella town, Asturias (Spain), where numerous incrustations of auloporid corals occur on the rugose coral skeletons.
Propleura finely punctate, side of mesosternum finely punctate, but weakly rugose at middle; ostiolar evaporative area with a large, distinct auricle.
subfastigiatus is characterized by its simple, subcylindric, clavate or broadly clavate basidiomata, smooth, becoming longitudinally rugose to rugulose, initially gray-red, dull red fading to salmon, gray-orange, apex obtuse or broadly rounded, often irregularly so, smooth, slowly pale brown to brown (Methven, 1990).
An accurate field study has revealed brachiopod, separate rugose and colonial coral, bryozoan, crinoids and cephalopod macrofossil frequency;.
Propodeum uniformly rugose, lateral propodeal carinae strongly diverge toward posterior end of propodeum, central and lateral propodeal areas rugose.
Tripe palm or palmar acanthosis nigricans is a condition in which there is a velvety, rugose thickening of palm, occasionally soles with an enhanced dermatoglyphic pattern resembling 'tripe' (the villous lining of ruminant stomach).
The untrawlable areas were defined as any substrate containing boulders extending higher than ~20 cm off bottom or with exposed jagged bedrock that was rugose enough that the standard bottom trawl footrope would not pass easily over it.