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the act of making a piece of equipment rugged (strengthening to resist wear or abuse)

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Other than ruggedization, the tablets are similar to consumer products in that they have a display with a backlight and a separate CPU board with the specific I/O.
Kyocera uniquely combines Military Standard 810G-certified ruggedization and enterprise-grade security and application support with consumer-tier pricing and availability from the nation's leading wireless service providers.
For organizations that have deployed or are planning to deploy iPhones to their clinicians, there are protective sleds available that can provide ruggedization, enhanced barcode scanning, improved battery life and other capabilities.
The device that was used by the Soldiers in this report meets ruggedization standards perMIL-STD 8109 and electromagnetic compatibility per MIL-STD-461.10 Also of interest considering the repeated exposure to often considerable perspiration, these OTE TCAPS meet the standard for salt water submersion (3 feet for 30 minutes).
The company is a driving force in the continuous development of memory module and SSD advancements that deliver density, form factor, extended temperature, ruggedization and configuration improvements.
Northrop Grumman Corporation has test fired the first product in its next-generation FIRESJRIKE[TM] family of high-energy, solid-state lasers that meet goals for size and weight reduction and ruggedization for operational applications.
It also had ruggedization, conformal coating and bonding operations, where the finished PCBs are fitted with additional structural supports and hand-brushed or sprayed with an acrylic copolymer to provide increased environmental and mechanical protection.
This is great news for the engineer worried about weight, but bad news for the one worried about material ruggedization. The laws of physics and the desired range of cloaked wavelengths will ultimately dictate metamaterial thickness.
For both novices and veterans in quality, he explains HALT, a process for the ruggedization of pre-production products; HASS the production screen for products characterized by HALT; and HASA, a production audit.
"The ruggedization for use in military has not been waived.
GE Fanuc SBC come in a variety of form factors, processor speeds, memory configurations, I/O options, and levels of ruggedization. The VPX Intel (previously VITA 46) was created for the defense industry.
Josh Davidson: What is the difference between the military and commercial satellite systems with regards to ruggedization?
DURABOOK laptop computers from GammaTech feature spill-resistant keyboards, optical disk tray locks, anti-shock LCD screens and protected hard drives, capable of meeting US military MIL 810F standards for ruggedization, and are protected by a magnesium alloy case, the company said.