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Synonyms for ruggedisation

the act of making a piece of equipment rugged (strengthening to resist wear or abuse)

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On the hardware side, these systems were born as commercial items and thus some form of ruggedisation is obviously required to allow them to survive battlefield abuse.
This emphasises the need for the highest levels of ruggedisation, reduced size and weight, coupled with reliability and power efficiency to support long duration missions with limited possibilities for resupply.
Its Croc (Compact Rugged Operational Computer), now being supplied to Socom, is a sub-laptop, built using aluminium alloys to enhance ruggedisation and provide additional heat dissipation qualities.
A further issue will be co-site performance and heat dissipation in a compact unit that is sealed for ruggedisation.
Different approaches can be taken to ruggedisation.
The boards, the PMCQ1F and the EPMCQ2F, feature front I/O connectors for easy accessibility and are offered across a range of three convection cooled ruggedisation levels.
4 -- "We touched on this earlier: the rapid miniaturisation, ruggedisation and increase in computing power [.