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The rugged individualism philosophy of life dates from before the 18th century, when Europeans invaded North America and took it over, with God and guns as their only justification.
popular cinema especially, the farmer's usually successful struggle to defend his homestead has been a favorite trope in the mythology of rugged individualism.
In the early twentieth century, Frederick Jackson Turner argued that interactions on the frontier formed American characteristics of rugged individualism, democracy, aggression, and innovation.
Tomo emphasizes community over rugged individualism.
Support for secession cuts across many lines, the poll found, but the West and Southwest, where the vision of rugged individualism still draws praise, seemed more inclined to back separation than the staid New England area.
However, there are a handful of Western countries that approximate our American rugged individualism, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.
Americans admire rugged individualism, but overemphasizing grit oversimplifies the problems facing education and what it takes for students to achieve.
In his view, the same factors that made Diem attractive to US intelligence and policy experts--decisiveness, determination, rugged individualism, grand vision, refusal to make coalitions with those who had other perspectives--led to both his abandonment by the US when he disagreed with their views, and to his own failure to govern a people with varied ideas about what kind of nation they wanted to be.
Athanasourelis does this under the template of John Dewey's notion of individualism and its shift from nineteenth-century rugged individualism to a more socially engaged twentieth-century cooperative or liberal individualism.
He was a symbol of rugged individualism, of someone who depended only on himself in order to survive.
The passage of pension and benefit programs for war veterans, disability benefits for miners, and the development of rehabilitation and accommodation strategies guaranteeing access to the public square all tell a story of a democracy that resists the cult of rugged individualism in complicated ways.
An icon of the type of rugged individualism that is central to the Republican party's embrace of personal liberty, Eastwood has nevertheless hesitated to tie himself to either political party.
The race ahead will hinge on whether Americans choose the rugged individualism of their dreams, or to stick with the reality of increasing mutual dependence forced on them by recession.
There is something in the teachings of this Jewish White Russian preacher of extreme egoism that appeals to the primitive American myths of rugged individualism, gun-toting Wild West self-reliance, suspicion of the domination-hungry state (going back to King George the Third).
It seems that the days of rugged individualism and self-determination are gone from the land down under and the heroic characters of the past like Ned Kelly and Banjo Patterson have faded into the realm of myth and fairytales.