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pastry made with a cream cheese dough and different fillings (as raisins and walnuts and cinnamon or chocolate and walnut and apricot preserves)

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This expansion of a self-published family cookbook includes not just the expected, much-loved traditional items like Challah, Matzoh Balls, Rugelach and Latkes, but also modern recipes like Thai Vegetable Salad, Roasted Corn and Mango Salsa, and Rice Paper-Wrapped Sea Bass.
At 51 Cottonwood Lane, a three-bedroom contemporary listed at $439,000, broker Beverly Davis served rugelach and tea.
Chattman also makes Rugelach (and bakes them straight from the freezer) with a cream cheese dough for gift-giving.
As Alan Davidson notes in The Oxford Companion to Food, the legend of the vigilant Viennese baker is an especially enduring bit of culinary mythology (the croissant cannot be traced back any further than the late nineteenth century), and indeed, this same creation story--baker, siege, crescent-shaped pastry--has also been told to explain the Jewish rugelach.
There are a variety of ways to enjoy the cappuccino flavor, including a cold or frozen cappuccino, a cappuccino cookie, a cappuccino rugelach, or even a cappuccino wafer.
I envisioned myself standing alone in a city of white bread and sweet corn, when my soul yearned for thick crusted rye and sweet rugelach.
Dense chocolate torte, scrumptious rugelach, or smoked salmon and buffalo salami make thoughtful hostess gifts.
Israelis kept the original European tradition of making rugelach dough with yeast (unlike American rugelach that uses flaky dough made with cream cheese) but added their own fillings, so in addition to the classic chocolate or cinnamon, you can find a Locally inspired halva-stuffed rugelach.
The easy-to-prepare, thaw and bake Rugelach and Tea Biscuits from Prime Pastries are proposed as a breakfast or teatime snack.
Also offered are other Big Apple favorites, including old-fashioned baked knishes, scrumptious apricot and raspberry rugelach pastries, and a full-line of delicious Mediterranean salads.
Enticing recipes include Macadamia Triangles, Mississippi Mud Bars, Malted-Milk Bars, Anise Slices, Apricot-Raspberry Rugelach.
Rugelach was another cookie-pastry treat (50 cents each), a flaky dough rolled and filled with chopped nuts and cinnamon.
Shifting north, when it's cold in New York, Erica's Rugelach is always hot.
You'll find the old stand-bys and basics like chicken soup, challah, brisket, matzo balls, chopped liver, gefilte fish, blintzes, kugels and rugelach - some with different variations on the theme.
Not everything about the book is Jewish: The broiled clams with chorizo are more than a little treif, but the rugelach and brisket nicely balance them out.