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inflated oval ball used in playing rugby

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It is made of bronze carefully worked to look like the leather surface of a rugby ball.
PD Law managing director Phil Doyle presents the signed rugby ball to lucky winner Megan.
But Paterson showed his class with a football when he triumphed comfortably in the keepy-uppy contest, although it was always a tall order for the Killie boys as they had to do it with a rugby ball instead
Scott Quinnell signs up The rugby ball is currently being photographed in locations across North Wales, while the shirt is being autographed by personalities such as Bryn Terfel and Dai Jones Llanilar.
9m in diameter and is made from authentic rugby ball materials.
The children had to run with the rugby ball in two hands gently touching each other with it.
AS Jamie Roberts reflects on what has been an outstanding autumn International series, Principality Building Society offers oneWales On Sunday reader the chance to win a rugby ball signed by theWales, Blues and Lions star.
Other images show the little people ice skating in a candle, workmen on a rugby ball and a seemingly giant teddy bear scaring a child.
Computer Games Publisher Aiming To Get Kids Off The PC and Onto the Fields With 5000 Rugby Ball Giveaway
Her wooden urn, carved like a rugby ball, will be the prize in the annual game between Sandal Rugby Union club's under-19 and over-35 sides at Wakefield, Yorks.
The most interesting aspect was the new management run by an accountant who couldn't tell the difference between a rugby ball and football
The shape of the protein structure around which DNA wraps in plant and animal chromosomes resembles a rugby ball, report scientists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md.
A crane arrived late last night and a team worked through the night to remove the enormous fibreglass rugby ball and surrounding bricks.
William met 12 trainees who have begun an intensive year-long Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) Coach Core programme - and showed off his handling abilities with a rugby ball.