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(anatomy) a fold or wrinkle or crease

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On May 21, the Federal Government approved what it termed the RUGA settlement scheme, to curb open grazing of animals nationwide.
' Ruga project is aimed at transforming the way of life of Fulani communities in tune with modern realities and to bring an end to the perennial clashes of grazing land, watering points and cattle routes.
Alteration of palatine ruga pattern in subjects with oligodontia: A pilot study.
Ruga alleged that criminals operate from that muguka base "where they sit day and night chewing the leaves".
They spend their ill-gotten money in these dens," said Mr Ruga.Mr Joel Ng'ang'a, a boda boda rider, said all such kiosks will be demolished.
Opening his first solo exhibition in the UK at Somerset House in occasion of the sixth London edition of 1-54, South African artist Athi-Patra Ruga brings a selection of new and old works.
But while quantitative data is perhaps not available, the main bearers of imported guns by the late nineteenth century were probably the mobile mercenaries of the region: Luso-African Mambari traders, the Ruga Ruga mercenaries, and the Swahili caravan retainers, the Waungwana.
Athi-Patra Ruga's sculpture in the collection of Cape Town's Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, Proposed Model for Tseko Simon Nkoli Memorial, 2017, portrays a reclining gold figure embellished with fabric roses and baubles.
The other languages in the endangered category are Manda, Parji and Pengo (Odisha), Koraga and Kuruba (Karnataka), Gadaba and Naiki (Andhra Pradesh), Kota and Toda (Tamil Nadu), Mra and Na (Arunachal Pradesh), Tai Nora and Tai Rong (Assam), Bangani (UttaraAkhand), Birhor (JharAkhand), Nihali (MahaArashtra), Ruga (Meghalaya) and Toto (West Bengal).
A three-storey former office block in Pershore Street is being converted to create a ground floor bistro, provisionally called Ruga.
A three-storey former office block in Pershore Street is being converted for the business which will also see a ground floor bistro, provisionally called Ruga.
S1) has 3 diastemal and 4 interdental palatal rugae; in our count of the former we include an anterior ruga that could be alternatively interpreted as the anterior border of the interdiastemal palate and, hence, not a typical ruga (cf.
Four heads were sectioned in transverse planes at different levels i.e., at level of papilla incisive, 3rd palatine ruga of hard palate, 6th palatine ruga of hard palate, 9th palatine ruga of hard palate and at level of first molar tooth.