ruffled feathers

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extreme displeasure caused by an insult or slight

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We need to spend time figuring out how to address this core issue and not continuously smooth ruffled feathers.
Shirley's critique of NASA's management problems ruffled feathers when she referred to the agency as an "entitlement program," where the job of each center was to keep itself in business.
Four of their number met Broughton on Tuesday; the ruffled feathers were smoothed sufficiently to satisfy NTF worries, and the matter was settled.
His suggestion to donate money only to dioceses where bishops supported reform also ruffled feathers.
King, who currently serves as chairman, CEO and president of the King Center for Non Violent Social Change, later ruffled feathers with some of his leadership decisions.
It was he who softened her outrages and soothed Ministers' ruffled feathers.
While delivering a gift to the hotel room of a slighted show guest, in an attempt to soothe her ruffled feathers, Kelly runs into a real-life prince, the heir to the throne of a troubled Balkan nation--who happens to be handsome and charming, naturally.
Supporters claimed she had been denied automatic reappointment because she ruffled feathers.
Wilbur also gained a following around the paper, appearing with a turkey's head above a Thanksgiving Day editorial, with ruffled feathers to reflect the neverending vote-count; and on a newsroom T-shirt.
Sequent told ComputerWire that its recent single-system TPC-C score of 86,252 running on a 64-way Unix/NT Xeon Numa-Q 2000 servers has ruffled feathers over at Hewlett-Packard Co, apparently incensed at Sequent's use of a single instance of the Dynix operating system but multiple copies of Oracle running on NT.
In an attempt to forestall any bad press about its new movie and to smooth ruffled feathers in China, Disney has hired former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger as spokesman and goodwill ambassador.
Horner ruffled feathers in 1979 when he proposed that some infant dinosaurs were altricial-nestbound creatures requiring the care of doting parents.
NYSE:TEE) has acquired Ruffled Feathers Golf Course in Lemont, Ill.
Since he arrived newbie Marc ruffled feathers as he called his housemates ''a***lickers''.
Oliver has raised awareness of nutrition in the UK and ruffled feathers in the US with his programmes to highlight the issues across the Atlantic.