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Synonyms for rudimentary

Synonyms for rudimentary

of or treating the most basic aspects

Synonyms for rudimentary

being or involving basic facts or principles

Related Words

being in the earliest stages of development

not fully developed in mature animals

References in classic literature ?
In some other genera they are present, but in a rudimentary condition.
The eyes of moles and of some burrowing rodents are rudimentary in size, and in some cases are quite covered up by skin and fur.
A unicornuate uterus with a rudimentary horn is an anomaly caused by defective fusion of the Mullerian duct, estimated to occur in one in 76,000 pregnancies.
Mr Toor's were rudimentary, wide-ranging serious Nursing Midwifery He was previously suspended from nursing by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), which regulates the profession, over his 'rudimentary failings.
Unicornuate uterus with communicating rudimentary horn belongs to class II A (ASRM/AFS).
A unicornuate uterus with a rudimentary horn is a rare Mullerian abnormality that may cause many gynaecological and obstetric complications.
Ee Decided by the State for the benefit of needy categories, this program aims to eradicate rudimentary dwellings and replace them with decent housing.
Background: An unruptured third trimester rudimentary horn pregnancy is rare, life threatening, and can go undetected until the onset of symptoms.
The men worked with rudimentary tools, forging this road largely by hand.
On the small side, check out the Rudimentary Cacti 7-inch Meth and Brain Farts (on Tighty-Whitey/Loosey Goosey records).
Some 76 new house keys were handed, on Friday, in La Marsa-based Bhar Lazrag, for the benefit of needy families in replacement of their rudimentary dwells in Sidi Amor, in Kram-Ouest.
Aa Police found three rudimentary warheads and arrested a man during the raid in the North Sinai town of Sheikh Zwaid, close to Egypt's border with the Gaza Strip.
The journal Nature said they revealed the Panderichthys fins had rudimentary fingers in its fins.
People have gone back to rudimentary heating techniques now that oil prices are fluctuating," 70-year-old Maroun Aoun told The Daily Star as he gathered logs in a forest near Jezzine.
However, the extra digit usually is extremely rudimentary, and sometimes attached by a small stalk.