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To Jose Fernandes's astonishment and pleasure, the countryside has rendered Jacinto virile: 'sobre a sua arrefecida palidez de supercivilizacao, o ar montesino, ou vida mais verdadeira, espalhara um rubor trigueiro e quente de sangue renovado que o virilizava soberbamente' (p.
More subtle signs of peripheral vascular disease, therefore, such as a decrease in hair growth on the feet and legs, rubor, coldness of the feet, and poor capillary return after blanching the skin, need to be sought at least annually on a comprehensive foot examination.
Some time in the Stone Age, through Tom Cooper, I bought a decent Flat horse called Rubor, who had won a race or two in Ireland for David Ainsworth.
Rubor jumped fences as well as he jumped hurdles, and his great stock- in-trade was a tremendous turn of foot from the last.
The clinical assessment of inflammation generally begins with evaluation of its traditional hallmarks, rubor, tumor, calor, and dolor (redness, swelling, heat, and pain).
Monegal tenia una posicion privilegiada dentro de la cupula trujillista, puesto que el Tirano lo respetaba: "El podia decirle todo cara a cara, sin rubor, sin esa patina de miedo que acorralaba a los otros personeros" (Castillo 241).
This inflammation response can be quite aggressive, and manifest as the five cardinal signs of inflammation recognized ages ago: redness, heat, swelling, pain and loss of function, classically referred to in Latin as rubor, calor, tumor, dolor, and functio laesa.