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the basic unit of money in Tajikistan

the basic unit of money in Russia

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7 trillion rubles in the January to November 2017 period alone, according to Bank of Russia data posted on its website today.
The pressure on the ruble has resumed after a small breathing space," Denis Davydov, a currency analyst at Nordea Bank, wrote in an investment note Wednesday.
The bump in the ruble coincided with improvements in oil prices, with the international oil benchmark Brent crude gaining 2.
Some firms have even had to sell rubles to get their hands on foreign currencies and that's put further pressure on the ruble.
After all, memories of the traumatic August 1998 ruble devaluation/default, the 2008 plunge after the Lehman failure/war with Georgia and volatile Kremlin politics/high correlation to oil prices make the Russian ruble one of the world's least loved petrocurrencies.
The dollar tariffs section of the website will be presented in dollar units and the ruble equivalent and the subscribers of the current dollar tariffs will be able to keep their chosen tariffs.
A specialist on twentieth-century Russia whose earlier volumes treated Leningrad during the Soviet period and Yaroslavl thereafter, Ruble here situates late imperial Moscow in relation to contemporary cities outside Russia with which, he argues, it shared important similarities that transcended national differences.
Carrying a bag of money, the guard was walking past the store's McDonald's counter, nearing the front door, when a man later identified as Sims approached him and demanded the money, Ruble said.
During the two-year period that the ruble area was losing members and operating with decreasing efficiency, there was much discussion both in the member countries and outside about the best course of action for individual countries.
On Monday, the Russian central bank allowed the ruble to move as low as 9.
The new joint venture is a majority-owned ruble business that relies on locally sourced equipment, supplies, and labor, and direct sales to hospitals through a new sales and distribution network.
The ruble really isn't money, in the sense we think of it in the West," Potvin explained.
The flipside, however, is that the tech giant has hiked the prices of its iPhones in order to mitigate the nosedive of ruble against the U.
MOSCOW -- Russian consumers flocked to the stores Wednesday, frantically buying a range of big-ticket items to pre-empt the price rises kicked off by the staggering fall in the value of the ruble in recent days.
Russia's ruble strengthened sharply on Wednesday after dramatic falls on the previous two days as the government pressured exporters not to hoard foreign-currency earnings and the central bank announced new measures to support financial stability, Reutersreports.