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a soft silvery metallic element of the alkali metal group

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Since the photons remain linked even after they are out of the cloud of ultracold rubidium atoms, they can be considered to be strongly correlated, or entangled - making them a potential candidate for a quantum computing bit, or a qubit.
Now when the rubidium rushes out fast enough, if behaves as if it has negative mass.
About 120 milliseconds after Steinhauer set the rubidium atoms in motion, a rapidly intensifying cluster of sound waves rippled between the two horizons.
In the framework of the IRNSS program, each satellite will have four SpectraTime Rubidium atomic clocks on board to reach a stability of less than 10 billionths of a second per day.
To perform atomic spectroscopy, the researchers incorporated rubidium reservoirs into a chip, connecting the reservoirs to hollow-core waveguides so the optical beam path is filled with rubidium atoms.
They supercooled atoms of the element rubidium to the coldest temperature ever--nearly -273 [degrees] C (-460 [degrees] F), also known as absolute zero (see "thermometer," left).
Excelitas to Distribute AccuBeat's Rubidium Atomic Frequency and Timing Products for Military Applications in the United States and Canada
223001) a study published last week in the journal Physical Review Letters, the single-photon absorber uses a micron-sized cloud of rubidium atoms cooled to near absolute zero (which is -459.
Astrid wish to award a public contract covering the Purchase of transmission clocks with the following market positions;Position 1: supply and installation of transmission including 16 Rubidium clocks Primary (time) Reference Clocks - 1 transmission clock will be installed in each of the 11 Provincial Data Center (= 11 clocks)- 1 transmission clock will be installed in each of the Central Data Center 2 (= 2 clocks)- 1 transmission clock will be installed in the test environment Astrid (clock = 1)- 1 transmission clock will be installed in the environment of Disaster Recovery (clock = 1)- 1 (minimum) transmission clock is provided for maintenance.
Then they placed a single atom of rubidium in the cavity to function as a security guard.
Low-jitter differential clock outputs and a rubidium time base also are available.
According to a report in National Geographic News, in a new technique, Martin Weitz and Ulrich Vogl of the University of Bonn in Germany used a laser to bring the temperature of dense rubidium gas far below the normal point at which the gas becomes a solid.
Summary: SpectraTime, a company of the Orolia group (NYSE Alternext Paris - FR0010501015 - ALORO), today announced the award of a contract valued at approximately [euro]4 million to supply Rubidium Space Clocks to the Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System (IRNSS).
The sensor uses a milliwatt laser shone through a small container of rubidium gas.
This is done while both opposing beams pass through a warmed rubidium vapor trapped in a glass vacuum tube.