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a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture

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To get their Rube Goldberg machines working, teams had to make multiple revisions--an essential real-world skill.
Rube Goldberg machine makers link simple devices into elaborate compound machines.
Like Rube Goldberg, science has the ability to identify truths and then subvert or transform our understanding of the world.
The late Rube Goldberg, a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist for newspapers in both San Francisco and New York, drew roughly 50,000 cartoons during his career, many depicting zany machines that relied on chain reactions to accomplish some goal, according to Rube Goldberg, Inc.
Nokia says in a blog post, "What better way to celebrate the coming together of our histories than with a Rube Goldberg machine, where every part has an equally important role to play in the larger story.
A story has been told about a bit of horseplay when Waddell tried to destroy the straw hat worn by Philadelphia Athletics teammate Andy Coakley at the train station in Providence, Rhode Island, on September 8, 1905, resulting in Rube injuring his shoulder, causing him to miss most of the last month of the regular season, and the whole World Series versus the New York Giants.
Rube Foster in his time; on the field and in the papers with black baseball's greatest visionary.
Pitchers with the most first game starts of a World Series are Whitey Ford (8), Red Ruffing (6), Chief Bender and Allie Reynolds (4) and Rube Marquard, Waite Hoyt, Carl Hubbell, Paul Derringer, Don Gullets, Ken Holtzman, Dave Stewart and Jack Morris (3).
Norden Machinery AIJ is the world's leading manufacturer of cube filling and rube handling machinery.
That's because these teens were preparing to compete in Purdue University's Rube Goldberg Machine Contest.
Postal Service included a Rube Goldberg stamp in its 1997 Comic Strip Classics series.
The collection, spanning half a century, unravels the correspondence between the royal and her friend, Kate Rube, and later Rube's daughter Elizabeth Gillman.
Nora rube is assistant professor of religion and classics at the university of rochester in rochester, New york.
Our ability to hear is made possible by way of a Rube Goldberg-style process in which sound vibrations entering the ear shake and jostle a successive chain of structures until, lo and behold, they are converted into electrical signals that can be interpreted by the brain.