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the act of rubbing down, usually for relaxation or medicinal purposes

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The ants then give themselves vigorous rubdowns, smearing the acid on their bodies, LeBrun and his colleagues report in the Feb.
A regular rubdown can also benefit people who suffer with migraines and increase blood flow.
3 osmosis Relax in a fragrant cedar enzyme bath at this Freestone spa, or get a rubdown and stroll the meditation garden.
Tell me you haven't booked a rubdown with the daughter you didn't even know you had
And then back for a rubdown and a spot of breakfast.
Post-workout, treat tender spots (think: quads, calves and core) to a rubdown with a foam roller, tennis ball or can of veggies.
The treatment begins with an invigorating body brushing, and then it's on to a full body rubdown with gentle stretching, using relaxing, balancing or energising aromatherapy oils.
ST HELENS rugby stars enjoyed a rubdown at a relaxing networking event at Urban Calm spa, in Liverpool's Metquarter.
Though reporters and hangers-on get a severe rubdown from the brusque security personnel, lawmakers breeze through unmolested, their bodyguards setting off every metal detector in sight.
Tasks included doing handstands in freezing weather while stripped to the waist and practising deadly kung fu before a rubdown with ice and snow.
We have to hand over all our property to staff at one end and have a rubdown search before collecting our property at the other end.
Since 2005, Sunset Rubdown has been steadily proving themselves, solidifying their position with their fourth LP and best work to date, Dragonslayer.
GLOBETROTTERS Acts who have appeared at The Globe La Roux The Peth The Men They Couldn't Hang Sunset Rubdown The Rollin' Clones Average White Band Johnny Cage's Voodoo Revue Dean Friedman Mark Morris (The Bluetones) Dennis Locorriere (Dr Hook) Whistling Biscuits Quintamity Happytramp Arc Of Stars Lou Noble