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Synonyms for rubbishy

Synonyms for rubbishy

cheap and inferior


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It shreds the material and makes it into, would you believe, hollow blocks that are said to be stronger than the rubbishy ones you buy here.
A couple of wafer-thin gripes: wine from the bar was served in rubbishy little glasses that were impossible to get a Diner-shaped nose into.
First on your list, dispensing with any rubbishy friends today.
Naturally, both teams want to keep possession of the ball, but a draw is the likely outcome of these 'last ditch' talks ahead of voting in two separate referenda to either accept or reject any 'new look' federation; either we rewrite the constitution or the south hangs on to its 1960 'rubbishy' republic while the 'visitors' go it alone as a province of Turkey.
Nothing succeeds like publicity, and the publicity being given to basically rubbishy children's books with crude titles like The Queen's Knickers has ensured they are widely offered to children.
Media reports said that nearly 16 water tankers were out of order in the water supply department of CDA situated in G-10 Markaz and nexus of private takers owners and CDA is rubbishy grinding the people as they were paying 1200 to 1500 rupees to buy one private water tanker.
However, he never offers an explanation about all this spending, which was financed by increasingly rubbishy films.
We hope, however, they have taken the rubbishy bits and used them in the online clips they've released called Pond Life.
Howard also did her best for the rubbishy words of two of Elgar's 'Sea Pictures', her tones radiant and burnished, but music which sat oddly in advance of the nationalistic beanfeast shortly to follow.
My best DD experience, though, was the meal I had before I sat down to write this review -- still struggling against time, but without Carol and Carlos, and CCD's rubbishy coffee replacing the good old Colombian brew.
As for the professional trader, the Jellaba, he in baronial eyes was an equally undesirable immigrant, battering on the villages, selling rubbishy goods at a vast profit, and introducing venereal disease." Even though slowly maturing during the colonialism, South Sudan was recognizable as a nation state, growing on its own pace to independently join as one of the nations of the world.
A sane person, it seems to me, would conclude that it does not, and go on to examine the heretical notion that the critical importance of being Number One in the world might in fact be a rubbishy idea, the product of a shallow, ignorant, greedy, power-hungry, and demagogic political mind.
"Here were produced rubbishy newspapers containing almost nothing except sport, crime and astrology, sensational five-cent novelettes, films oozing with sex and sentimental songs which were composed entirely by mechanical means..."