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He described how local prisoners would openly defecate in the prison yard; the giant rubbish heap in the middle of the prison yard; often there was no electricity, in order for Indian prisoners to access any services, they had to bribe the guards but the Chennai six were not invited to bribe the guards.
Meanwhile, another fire broke out in a rubbish heap of a factory located in Al Jurf area in Ajman on Monday afternoon.
Fire crews were called to a rubbish heap bonfire in Easterside, Middlesbrough, on November 5 last year when "flare-type" fireworks were thrown at them by two young men.
At the end, all of these ugliness will end up in the rubbish heap of history where it belongs, comments the author.
Bardhan's famous words -- to hell with disinvestment -- consigned it to the rubbish heap.
A lot of innovative engineering involved creating remote sensors and cameras that could map the rubbish heap and provide data for robotic manipulators.
He added: "It is unbelievable that something so precious could have found its way on to a rubbish heap and it is upsetting to think that it could have been lost forever if I had not spotted it and picked it out of the rubbish.
He said of the original venture: "The estate was a total rubbish heap when we took it over.
Perhaps it is time to take the example of Singapore, and police the arrogant, spoiled, and ignorant individuals who feel the need to treat the city like their personal rubbish heap.
This piece was accidently found while digging through the rubbish heap in the temple of Heracleopolis, south of Fayoum.
The city is fast becoming one massive rubbish heap," he reported.
It accuses Israel of "the extra-judicial killings of men, women and children and the trauma of witnessing such acts as an Israeli soldier in full battle gear crouched on one knee his target a child, whose brains are scattered on a local rubbish heap.
Unless some drastic change is shown in the way the country is run and the people are served, the BN will join the other grand old party in the rubbish heap of history.
This leads him to an inferred realism, but one of entities scattered as in a rubbish heap.
In Untitled (Building Escaping), an anthropomorphized apartment tower takes foot, struggling to escape a city block so congested that it resembles a rubbish heap.